Gas analysis expert Servomex has launched a new series of webinars to help industrial customers improve their gas analysis in key processes.

Hosted by experienced applications experts from the company’s Industrial Process & Emissions (IP&E) division, the Servomex Expert Solutions Webinar Series begins this month.

It will run every Wednesday, starting next week, and is aimed at customers in the hydrocarbon processing (HP) sector.

Each webinar will provide an informative overview on a specific gas analysis application. The first covers safety, and focuses on improving industrial gas analysis for safety applications in HP plants.

It will look at typical safety applications, explains measurement considerations and shows the Servomex products best suited to gas analysis in HP. Participants will find out more about the challenges and typical problems involved in this application, any potential risks and how they can be mitigated or reduced.

The three webinars in the series are:

  • Gas Analysis: Safety, Hydrocarbon Processing – Wednesday, 27th May, 09.30 and 15:30 BST
  • Gas Analysis: Process Control, Hydrocarbon Processing – Wednesday, 3rd June, 09.30 and 15:30 BST
  • Gas Analysis: Combustion, Hydrocarbon Processing – Wednesday, 10th June, 09.30 and 15:30 BST

To accommodate participants from around the world, each webinar will run twice on the scheduled date, for a maximum of 75 minutes.

Sang Won Park, IP&E Business Unit Director at Servomex, said, “We’ve devised these webinars specifically for current or potential users and buyers of gas analyzers and associated systems. This includes end users, EPC contractors and system integrators, along with any consultants and engineering departments active in the HP industry.

“Each presentation is not only an educational tool, but also serves as a first step in opening up discussions and clarifications on HP projects we can help on. We highly recommend you don’t miss out!”