Gas analyst specialist Servomex is urging all users of its older, analogue 1900 oxygen analysers to upgrade to newer digital models that are prepared to meet the demands of modern industrial processes.

The advice comes as spares support ends for the obsolete 1900A, 1900B and 1910A hazardous area gas analysers.

This means that it is no longer possible to issue replacement parts for these models, so any breakdown or damage could lead to prolonged disruption, and possibly a lengthy shutdown of the process, while a new analyser is sourced and installed, Servomex said in a statement.

To ensure continued process protection, Servomex is recommending upgrading to the SERVOTOUGH Oxy 1900, an advanced digital analyser that improves upon the obsolete 1900s in every way.

The Oxy 1900 uses the same trusted, non-depleting Paramagnetic sensing technology as previous models, with the additional accuracy provided by digital, microprocessor-based analysis.

1900 Oxy NEW

Source: Servomex

With a user-friendly interface, digital communications and auto-calibration capability, its feature-rich specifications have set the standard for accurate, reliable oxygen analysis in challenging industrial conditions, Servomex said.

Keith Warren, IP&E Product Manager, said, “We’re proud of the long service life provided by our analyzsrs, and know that our customers rely on the accurate, reliable gas analysis they deliver for many years.”

“But there comes a point where continued spares support is no longer feasible.”

“The Oxy 1900 replaced the analogue 1900 analysers in our range several years ago, so it has a proven track record of successful performance in hazardous area industrial processes around the world.”

“Upgrading to the Oxy 1900 not only ensures continued, trusted gas analysis that keeps your process operational; it also offers enhanced features that will significantly benefit your application.”