Airborne Labs International: Then and Now

This October gasworld celebrates its 20th anniversary, charting key moments, events and industry stakeholders over our last two decades.

It’s been a progressive period of activity marked by multiple milestones and product launches, but it’s also been a timeline of rapid advancement in technologies and various sectors of the industry.

One technology innovator has grown across a timeline almost identical to gasworld. Having been founded just three years earlier, in 2000, Airborne Labs International has evolved in parallel with gasworld. Further still, its story is not only one of a remarkable journey from a basement garage to a global gas analysis leader – but a story steeped in dedication.

Here we look back on this adventure in analysis and expansion, as well as what the next decade (and beyond) has in store.


In the year 2000, Airborne Labs International was founded in a modest basement garage in the US. Dr. Don Pachuta, founder and CEO, fuelled by his passion for gas analysis and determination, laid the foundation for what would become a pioneering force in the field.

This was the turn of the century, the time of the so-called ‘dotcom bubble’ and very much an era of start-up businesses across industry and society that came and went almost as fast as technology was evolving itself. It was no mean feat to survive and ultimately, thrive.

Sure enough, the early years of Airborne Labs International were marked by challenges and limited resources too, but Dr. Pachuta’s vision kept the company pushing forward. With a focus on analytical equipment and the support of employees with a strong set of expertise, the company began to attract higher demand in the industry of gas analysis.


Airborne Labs International has since come a long way, today occupying a 10,000 square foot facility in Somerset, New Jersey. This ISO 17025 Accredited Laboratory receives a variety of gas samples each day from all around the world for analysis.

Staffed with dedicated personnel, every experience at Airborne Labs offers the personalised touch of a small company while providing customers with the same level of efficiency, quality, and outcomes that are expected from all corporations.

Airborne Labs International has transcended borders, establishing an impressive international distributor-service network that spans across continents in countries including Poland, Brazil, Africa, France, India, Norway, China, Israel, Dubai, Pakistan, Russia, Thailand, Taiwan, and the Philippines. This network facilitates access to lab services and equipment in virtually and part of the world. These strategic international alliances provide customers with easier access to training, assistance, and around-the-clock solutions.

It is this global outreach that has positioned Airborne Labs as a leading player in the field of gas analysis, serving diverse industries worldwide – a significant expansion that not only reflects the company’s growth but also underscores its commitment to excellence.

It offers ‘No-Haz’ gas sampling kits which can be used for ‘Division 2.2’ type gases and allow for non-compressed gases to be quickly, legally, and economically transported as ‘Non-Hazardous Materials’ to Airborne’s laboratory from anywhere in the world for analysis.

Specialising in gas analysis, Airborne Labs International offers a wide range of services. It provides CO2 (carbon dioxide) analysis in compliance with ISBT standards which are recognised by major bottlers. The ISO-17025 Accredited Laboratory testing sets industry standards for accuracy and reliability. In. fact, Airborne Labs not only performs final product CO2 analysis, but also analyses CO2 feed gases, CO2 for sequestration, biogas, and in-process samples.

Airborne Labs has become increasingly committed to playing a vital role in global hydrogen fuel initiatives too, and has expanded its own knowledge to be able to share that with customers and play its part in continuing to drive innovation in the industry. Hydrogen sampling equipment is available for customers worldwide for analysis at Airborne Labs in accordance with ISO 14687, SAE J2719, and ASTM standards.

Other gas analyses performed include nitrogen, ABO, ASU, sulfur hexafluoride (SF6), NFPA99, and specialty gases upon request. Gas purity is a critical aspect of its services, and Airborne Labs International routinely monitors impurities based upon customers’ needs. It has the technology to test for NCG, VHC, AHC, BTEX, VOX, VSC, H2O and more, down to low levels of detection.

Airborne Labs also manufactures equipment that can be used on-site by customers for various applications. This equipment includes turnkey analyser systems, hardware, spare parts, gas detector tubes, sampling equipment (for rental or for purchase), and gas sampling bags which can be used for ISBT Beverage-Grade analysis. The company goes the extra mile to support its clients, and provides on-site gas sampling, hazmat shipping, analyser system design, installation, training, and repair services, including cutting-edge remote monitoring and diagnosis capabilities. This comprehensive approach ensures that customers receive not only accurate data but also practical solutions to their gas-related needs.


As Airborne Labs International navigates through its third decade, the company remains committed to driving and supporting innovation.

It is actively expanding its services to offer accredited hydrogen purity tests to customers worldwide, making it even easier to support the development of a hydrogen-based economy. It is also developing new analytical methods to allow rapid, precise, and cost-effective sampling/testing for various gas sample types, benefiting different companies across the board.

Airborne Labs International has already been on a remarkable journey from a basement garage to a global gas analysis leader, yet an unwavering commitment to excellence and a vision for the future mean its best days are arguably still to come.

The company continues to play a vital role in shaping the gas analysis industry and remains at the forefront of innovation and, as it expands its horizons and capabilities, the world can expect even greater contributions from Airborne Labs in the years ahead.

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