Pure oxygen technologies and wastewater treatment technologies were in focus in Italy last week as SIAD sponsored and took part in the ‘Fast Ambiente Academy’ training event.

Organised by Fast, the Federation of Scientific and Technical Associations, the event focused on the purification of industrial waste.

It was held on 23rd, 24th, 29th and 30th November and 1st December 2021.

Reducing micro-pollutants and atmospheric dispersions generated by the treatment of industrial wastewater has been one of the main commitments of Bergamo-based SIAD Group. For over 30 years the company has been active in the research and development of increasingly innovative technical solutions capable of optimising plants and processes while respecting the environment.

It brought this expertise to the ‘Fast Ambiente Academy’ training event not only as a sponsor of the event but with two talks focused on innovation.

Pier Luigi Radavelli, from SIAD’s Gas Applications Development Office, illustrated the advantages of using oxygen in his talk entitled ‘Pure Oxygen Technologies’.

Meanwhile Michela Peroni, from SIAD’s Environmental Biology and Chemistry Laboratory, separately discussed ‘Chemical oxidation treatments in wastewater purification’.

CO2 bubbles aquaculture

The water nexus

Water: It’s a human need and source of contention as old as civilisation itself. And water is more important today than ever before. Yet, it’s also in dire shortage in certain parts of the world and there are serious warnings about water availability and desertification, if you’re prepared to seek them out and be shocked.

This was the finding of a recent gasworld article on the water nexus. As we close the book on 2021 and move into 2022 with the commitments of COP26 in our sails, water stress is not just an age-old problem but a challenge resurfacing…

There is clearly an industrial, economic and most critically a humanitarian need to be addressed when it comes to water, not to mention the concerns over the potential for ‘water wars’ and geopolitical conflict. The gauntlet is firmly laid down, in terms of wastewater treatment, and the sheer importance of the water nexus.

This is nothing new for the gases industry, gases have been used in water treatment circles for over a century, but we are clearly approaching an inflection point in our water supply and demand, globally – particularly if concerns over the impact of decarbonisation and clean energies prove to be well-founded.