Italian technical gas company SICO (Società Italiana Carburo Ossigeno) has invested in a new CO2 liquefaction plant in Faenza.

With a production capacity of 7,000 tonnes a year, SICO signed an agreement with Enomondo, part of Caviro Extra – one of the largest wineries in Italy, to transform the raw CO2, resulting from Enomondo’s biomethane production plant, into cryogenic liquid CO2.

SICO said the CO2 produced meets the stringent standards of the ISBT regulations (International Society of Beverage Technologist).

CO2 Liquefaction plant, Faenza.6

Source: SICO

Other recent investments include the construction of a new ASU in 2019. Located in Montecchio Maggiore, the ASU has a production capacity of 250 tonnes per day.

Also in 2018, SICO invested in a new filling station, capable of filling up to 1,000 cylinders per day. The facility is able to fill cylinders of nitrogen, argon, oxygen, CO2 and various types of all these gases – industrial, food and medical grade.

Due to the complexity of these operations, SICO said the site is equipped with one o the most efficient analysis laboratories in Italy.