Simon Augustus

  • ice cream

    Putting the ice in ice cream


    Simon Augustus follows up the journey to perfect the delivery of iced desserts.

  • blue circuit board electronics

    Nitrogen in semiconductor manufacture


    Simon Augustus looks at the role of nitrogen as a specialty gas in the manufacture of semiconductors.

  • From farm to freezer.

    From farm to freezer: revisited


    Simon Augustus explores the role of industrial gas and equipment in the food processing business.

  • lng storage tank for shell

    Clean, green and bright


    Simon Augustus explores how the distributive LNG business is driving cryogenic equipment demand in an otherwise largely sluggish European market.

  • industrial automated robot arm holding car glass in factory

    Industry 4.0 – A new dawn in manufacturing


    Industry 4.0 is a hot topic, but this term – which is more frequently used as a buzzword than to convey any specific topic – is hard to unpack. Usually it is used to convey a somewhat vague and undefined concept of the future of industry, with factories equipped with ...

  • metal shavings (selective focus)

    Metallurgy – A staple of gas demand


    One of the major areas of growth potential for the industrial gases industry is the metallurgy sector. But in recent years, metal producers have suffered setbacks in the face of slowing growth in key markets. Is metallurgy still a staple of gas demand?

  • Oxygen in glass production

    Oxygen in metals and glass production


    The application of oxygen in the production of metals and glass is a well-established practice, critical to the structural properties we seek from these important materials. Today, several factors are important: not least the purity of oxygen and waste reduction in the application process, which enhances the end product as ...

  • oxygen in food applications

    Oxygen in food applications


    For years, industrial gases have been used in the food industry. Gases such as nitrogen and carbon dioxide have been traditionally used in almost every part of the food industry supply chain – from preservation to packaging. Recently, the use of these important gases has been a crucial factor in ...

  • cylinder inspection

    Cylinder inspection, testing and refurbishment


    Since its inception, high pressure gas cylinders have come a long way. Since they remain integral to most industrial and construction processes, their inherent danger has caused tight regulation and supervision of high pressure gas cylinders to be crucial to occupational safety and reducing risk and hazards.

  • Circuit board, electronics, semiconductors

    What’s driving growth in specialty gases in 2017?


    2016 saw huge opportunities for the specialty gases industry. Traditional markets – particularly North America – have remained the top consumers of industrial gases. However, in recent years we have seen newer markets, including Asia and Southeast Asia, grow in importance.

  • Selling electronics merchandises, flat screen

    An introduction to...NF3 production plants


    Nitrogen trifluoride, also known as NF3, is a binary compound consisting of nitrogen and fluorine. Generally delivered in high pressure cylinders, this toxic, colourless, non-flammable, corrosive gas is used in a variety of applications.

  • medical gases

    New medical oxygen technologies


    Oxygen is one of the most important, life-saving gases used in medicine today. It has been used in medicine since the 1800s and has come a long way in terms of application and delivery systems. We are still seeing important innovations in the delivery of oxygen to patients across a ...

  • Frozen strawberries, food and beverages

    Cryogenic freezing vs mechanical freezing


    The freezing of food and beverages can be achieved either by mechanical or cryogenic freezing. But understanding the advantages and disadvantages of these methods is paramount; both offer fundamentally different results.

  • car air conditioning refrigerants

    Air conditioning 2.0


    Simon Augustus explores the use of carbon dioxide (CO2) as a refrigerant in vehicle air conditioning systems.

  • i pad

    The Internet of Things – Future opportunities in gases


    The ‘Internet of Things’ is a relatively new term that has come to signify a specific set of developments in our increasingly digitalised society. But what will the Internet of Things (IoT) mean for our most important industries, and what are the possible opportunities for the gases industry?

  • Tech Hyd LNG Hydrogen Energy Air Products

    What is a hydrogen fuel cell?


    Consisting of a single electron orbiting a single proton, hydrogen is the simplest element in the universe – but this simple element can release almost three-times more energy than natural gas. The fact that hydrogen fuel comes with zero carbon emissions (its only by-product is water and heat), has made ...

  • Welding health and safety

    Welding gases – Past, present and future


    It is no secret that the welding business and the gases industry are inextricably linked together. Economic growth in one is usually an indicator for growth in the other. These two important industries work in tandem to provide important solutions for regional infrastructure development and other areas.

  • Acetylene welding

    Acetylene – What future?


    Since its discovery in the mid-1800s, acetylene has been used for a wide range of purposes and applications across various industrial procedures. But with new legislation, new gas mixtures, and the demand for cleaner, greener alternatives, what does the future hold for this important gas?

  • LNG dome internally

    Challenges and opportunities in the global LNG business


    LNG is an important development in the world’s use of natural gas, and it has contributed to significant changes in the global landscape of energy consumption for a number of reasons.Currently, everyone seems hungry for a piece of the LNG business, but what makes it so attractive, and why should ...

  • Green test tube eco

    Industrial gas and the green agenda – The greatest challenge?


    While tremendous efforts to propel innovative new measures and support efficiency and productivity in the green energy field are being made constantly, it is important to ask what the industrial gases community is doing to help meet environmental guidelines, carbon emission standards and other criteria for a greener future.

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