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  • CylTecgasunitconvertermobileapp

    Cyl-Tec launches gas and unit converter mobile app


    Cylinder and bulk tank specialist Cyl-Tec is hoping to achieve greater connectivity with the recent launch of its gas and unit converter mobile app, which combines a gas converter, a unit calculator and a Cyl-Tec product guide all into one.

  • Mapview

    High frequency telemetry


    High frequency telemetry solutions like Pulsa significantly decrease the overall cost for gas distribution and ensure better service for end users of gas.

  • Indy Photos

    Investing for growth


    American Welding Gas, Inc. (AWG) has recently made significant investment in upgrading its specialty gas plant in Indianapolis, which the company says will increase its capabilities in the area and help with its supply chain. To understand more about AWG’s specialty gas operation, its Tier 5 Labs brand ...

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    Getting value from advanced digital technology


    Ever-increasing volumes of data, connectivity, computing power, and advanced analytics are putting Industry 4.0 tools – which transform manufacturing and industrial processes with up-to-date digital technology – more within reach 1 .

  • Medical Gas labels

    Simplifying complex cylinder label changes


    As most of our gas consumers recover to 100% productivity again, ‘go-to production’ timelines become more challenging when supplies do not arrive in time before they have already scheduled their production runs. And as gas consumers and manufacturers scale up production again, knowing supplier lead-times become much more crucial. Relying ...

  • Disposable Cyliners_IMG_3980

    Entering the disposable cylinder market


    The disposable cylinder market can be a niche market to get into as part of the Specialty and Calibration Gas cylinder business. Not all applications require a large cylinder or volume of the gas or mixture. In many cases, the end-user requires the cylinder to be portable. For instance, having ...

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    Digitisation of gas detection


    Industrial, medical, and food-grade gases touch our lives in many ways. Carbon dioxide (CO2) cylinders are ubiquitous – we use them under our sink to carbonate tap water, they are present in fast-food restaurant chains for soft drinks dispense and there will inevitably be a few cylinders in the cellar ...

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    Maintaining cleanroom safety with sampling gas detection


    Analysis meets electronics specialty gases in the cleanroom, explains an insightful feature from International Gas Detectors (IGD).

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    10 minutes with…Mark R. Taylor


    Take 10 minutes out with Mark R. Taylor, President at Airborne Labs.

  • Biogas production is a potential source of methane emissions

    Environmental applications for gas analysis


    The Paris Agreement on climate change sets a framework for the control of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. It has been a catalyst for many efforts related to decarbonisation, writes Stephen B. Harrison.

  • abb-asu-process-control-oxygen-analyser

    Gas analysis in the circular economy


    ABB’s Stephen Gibbons explores how high quality, high accuracy measurement technologies for gas analysis are playing a crucial role across the value chain, while helping to facilitate the transition towards low and zero carbon industrial operations.

  • EDITED_2. Karan Bhatia at Uttam Composites Plant April 2021

    Right time, right place


    As business grew for Uttam Group of Companies, Karan Bhatia was considering the best way to meet the demand of customers for Type 3 cylinders when the opportunity arose to acquire Catalina Composites and enter the US energy market. 

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    GenH2’s innovative way to store liquid hydrogen


    The Biden administration has boldly indicated a renewed focus in developing a domestic hydrogen economy as a linchpin in the effort to eliminate US emissions of fossil fuels by 2050. These new goals are being established to drive companies towards finding better ways to use hydrogen to decarbonize such sectors ...

  • Hy Trailer

    Safety, quality, and performance


    The ability to safely transport and store hydrogen has never been more important as governments and business leaders around the world turn their attention to environmental issues like the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and look to hydrogen as a fuel and a key solution to global clean energy needs. ...

  • system

    Storing and transporting hydrogen


    Today, hydrogen – the world’s most abundant element – is receiving unprecedented interest and investments, generating a strong push towards the development of advanced high-performance technologies to optimize storage performance and minimize the total cost of ownership. Hydrogen will play an increasingly important role to store and distribute renewable energy ...

  • © Premier Cryogenic Services 20210507_082346

    Liquid hydrogen transport trailer repairs


    Premier Cryogenic Services, LLC (PCS) is only two years old yet already claims to be the ‘largest liquid hydrogen trailer retest, repair, and rehabilitation company in North America’. PCS has a backlog of orders for liquid hydrogen transport repairs, which it does at its facilities in La Porte (Houston), Texas, ...

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    Requirements for specialty gases in semiconductor manufacturing


    Precision gas delivery is at the core of semiconductor manufacturing. Many different gases – corrosives, reactives and inerts – in varying flow rates are delivered to process chambers to produce critical features on silicon wafers that are used in manufacturing logic and memory chips. These gases, collectively called electronic specialty ...

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    Steps to a greener future


    Focused on the energy transition since the late 1990s, with a vision ‘to realize human potential through hydrogen infrastructure solutions’, PDC Machines is one of the world’s leading compression technology providers for hydrogen energy applications, including mobility, supply side, and power-to-gas applications.

  • IMG_2436

    Jumbo hydrogen cylinders


    As the hydrogen market in North American evolves, so is CP Industries, a provider of high-pressure storage solutions. Gasworld US caught up with Tom Kairys, Vice-President, Sales Marketing at CP Industries, to get an insight into recent developments at the McKeesport, Pennsylvania-based company, and trends in the North ...

  • shutterstock_1894483135

    When the chips are down


    When Covid-19 first started shutting down the global economy last year, there was an unexpected impact on the semiconductor industry and the demand for electronic specialty gases. Historically, consumer and industrial investment on technology goods has reduced as a recession hits. However, in this recession, there was robust growth ...