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  • work together acquisition merger

    Tech Air acquires GASCO in 20th add-on


    Tech Air has announced that it has acquired Florida-based Gasco Affiliates LLC (GASCO), a producer of speciality gases.

  • Gas analysis in 2015 – August 2015

    AGC Instruments launches compact GC range


    Total gas analysis solutions provider AGC Instruments has launched a new range of compact gas chromatographs to efficiently monitor industrial processes.

  • business deal, merger, acquisition

    Versum Materials installs 200th refill system


    The Delivery Systems and Services Group (DS S) of Versum Materials, Inc. has sold and commissioned its 200 th CHEMGUARD® Gen. III Refill System.

  • Working together concept, merger, acquisition

    MCAA announces 2017 Board election line-up


    Elections for the new 2017 line-up of officers and directors of the Measurement, Control Automation Association (MCAA) have taken place.

  • Tiger Optics Aloha analyzer, Q4 SGR 2016

    Tiger Optics helps enable The Internet of Things


    The era called The Internet of Things (IoT) began almost eight years ago, according to Cisco Internet Business Solutions Group, which defines it as a period when humans are outnumbered by physical devices connecting to the Internet. Unquestionably, the proliferation of such devices is exponential.

  • VUV Analytics, SVGA 100, Q4 SGR 2016

    VUV detector simplifies streaming gas analysis


    Gas purity analysis is an important aspect of bulk and specialty gas production, and affects a number of industries including petrochemical, biotech, and electronics manufacture. Understanding the concentration of gases in a mixture and monitoring for the introduction of impurities has often required the use of complex separation and multiple ...

  • CO2 purity, MOCON – Baseline Inc., Q4 SGR 2016

    What purity CO2 are you delivering?


    Since its discovery in the 1700s by Joseph Black, carbon dioxide (CO2), a colorless, odorless gas, has found its way into several industrial, as well as everyday uses. The most common application is as an ingredient in soft drinks. Dissolved CO2 gas provides the “fizz” in various carbonated beverages. As ...

  • Oxygen Services Q4 SGR 2016

    Keeping the lab safe


    Oxygen sensors at a Saint Paul, MN-based gas distribution company are working backwards. Instead of looking for oxygen concentrations in the company laboratories, they are looking for no oxygen. For Oxygen Service Company, monitoring gas levels in the labs helps assure employee safety. To keep a beady eye on those ...

  • Ray Borzio SGR Q4 2016

    Investing in technology


    “Build it and they will come.” We all remember “Field of Dreams.” Beware the operative word here — dreams. This assumption has no home in the real world of high end specialty gas production technology. Even if “they” do come, they will not come fast enough to satisfy your return ...

  • Electronics wafer

    Showa Denko and SK Materials in specialty gas JV


    Japanese corporation Showa Denko (SDK) and South Korean SK Materials Co., Ltd. (SKM) have joined forces in a monofluoromethane (CH 3 F) gas joint venture (JV) in a bid to meet the growing demands of the semiconductor industry.

  • semiconductors circuit board

    SEMI reports Q3 2016 billing figures


    SEMI has reported that worldwide semiconductor manufacturing equipment billings reached $11bn in the third quarter of 2016.

  • ken logan

    10 minutes with...Ken Logan


    Take 10 minutes out with Ken Logan, Commercial Business Development Director, A-Gas, as he discusses innovation, the very recent Kigali Amendment and the phasedown of HFC.

  • document

    New White Paper on FTIR multigas analysis


    Gasmet Technologies has announced the publication of a free White Paper on the simultaneous measurement of multiple gases in a wide variety of applications using Fourier Transform InfraRed (FTIR) technology.

  • World currency financial

    Versum Materials posts “strong financial chapter”


    Versum Materials, Inc. has posted a “strong financial chapter” in its first full-year financial results since becoming a stand-alone company following its spin-off from Tier One player Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.

  • MRI scan medical helium usage

    GE Healthcare unveils helium-saving MRI technology


    GE Healthcare has introduced its revolutionary, helium-saving technology for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) systems, designed to use just one percent of liquid helium (He) compared to conventional MRI magnets.

  • electronic circuitboard

    Expanding use of hydrogen in the electronics industry


    Hydrogen (H2) is used extensively for electronics manufacturing in the semiconductor, display, LED, and photovoltaic application segments. This most simple of molecules exhibits unique properties: it has excellent heat transfer capabilities and is an efficient reducing and etching agent.

  • ron ball,compliance,pharmacy

    Evolving regulatory requirements for healthcare BMGS


    Twenty years ago, the vast majority of bulk medical gas systems (BMGS) were installed at large hospitals. This began to change in the 1990s with the proliferation of walk-in centers and nursing/critical care facilities, which led to the evolution of mini-bulk tanks to serve these accounts. Here, Bob Yeoman discusses ...

  • LED rare gases close up

    Another volatile year for rare gases


    As we near the end of 2016, we look back on another volatile year for rare gases. In my previous rare gases market review (, we reported that neon (Ne) was in a very critical supply shortage during early to mid-2015…

  • Ionicon ptr tof 4000 aboard nasa flying laboratory cropped

    IONICON launches world’s smallest VOC analyser


    IONICON Analytik, a trace gas analyser developer, has launched the world’s smallest, commercial high-resolution proton transfer reaction – time-of-flight mass spectrometry (PTR-TOFMS) instrument for volatile organic compound (VOC) monitoring.

  • business deal concept, merger, acquisition

    TNSC acquires Australian Supagas


    Industrial gas giant Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corporation (TNSC) has announced its acquisition of Australian industrial gas business Supagas Holding Pty Ltd as the company continues its overseas expansion strategy.