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    10 minutes with… Michael Hayes


    Mike, thanks for taking the time out with gasworld for its specialty gases edition. You’ve been around specialty gases for a few decades now. How has the sector changed in the past 25 years?

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    Red Ball Oxygen appoints Vice-President


    Red Ball Oxygen has appointed Mark Patten as its Vice-President of Technical Gas Services (TGS).

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    Pfeiffer Vacuum launches next generation gas analysers


    Pfeiffer Vacuum has introduced two compact, portable benchtop analysers for analysing gases at atmospheric pressure.

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    PurityPlus® update


    As IWDC’s specialty gas program enters its second decade, PurityPlus continues construction of a strong house resting on a well-planned and well-built foundation. More than 15 years ago, several influential IWDC (Independent Welding Distributors Cooperative) members and the staff organised a series of meetings to explore growth initiatives.

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    High-pressure solutions


    Grown out of a family home in Munich, Germany, Bauer Compressors Inc. has experienced a whirlwind of a journey to end up with a US base and over 75 years of experience in manufacturing reliable and durable arrays of high-pressure compressors.

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    Helium recovery via SEPURAN®


    Specialty chemicals group Evonik collaborated with Linde Engineering to set up a first-of-its-kind helium purification facility using a hybrid process of membrane and Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology in Mankota, Canada, four years ago. Alex Evans, Business Development Manager, Membranes, at Evonik Corporation, here explains how SEPURAN® works and the ...

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    A life in the specialty gas industry


    In the early days of SGD Inc., winters were difficult for its founder and sole employee Frank Scornavacca. “I started SGD in my garage in New Jersey, and for two years I worked in that garage,” Scornavacca told gasworld. “It was pretty cold in the winter I can tell you, ...

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    A leap of faith


    So, you want to manufacture and sell high purity specialty gases. You can make the case that you have all the resources you need to accomplish that. You have a liquid source of the raw materials, filling equipment, customers, and a desire to increase your sales and profitability of this ...

  • An eCommerce Strategy for Distributors

    DIY marketing


    Marketing is often misunderstood. To many it looks like an insurmountable mountain to climb with every possible view increasing in size, depth, the manpower to accomplish it.

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    Q&A with William ‘Bill’ Geiger


    Q A with William ‘Bill’ Geiger, CEO, Consolidated Sciences (CONSCI)

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    Selecting gas mixers for Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)


    Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) is an important tool for extending the shelf life of a wide variety of foods. Examples are shredded cheese, baked goods, ground meat, seafood, nuts and baby formula. MAP also reduces the need for chemical preservatives in the food.

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    Expanding amid a global crisis


    At a time when businesses are folding and industry is struggling with the ravages of a recession caused by the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, Diversified CPC International (DCPC) has expanded its production and capabilities.

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    From a doodle, to a $6m fill plant


    When Keen Compressed Gas Co. first started out as an auto parts store selling acetylene to the automotive industry, its founder, Stanley Keen, never imagined it would grow into the medical, specialty and industrial gases business it is today.

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    ESAB opens Texas Configuration Centre, introduces GCE production lines


    ESAB has opened a dedicated Configuration Centre at its Denton, Texas, facility to support the introduction of GCE Druva® specialty gas equipment and valve production lines in North America.

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    A-Gas wins national award


    Specialty chemical and gases management expert A-Gas has been named Employer of the Year in the Amazon Scale-Up Awards 2020.

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    DVP Vacuum Technology introduces new pump line


    Vacuum technology specialist DVP Vacuum Technology has today introduced four new oil-free rotary vane vacuum pumps.

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    CoolSys acquires Richmond Refrigeration Service


    CoolSys™, a refrigeration and HVAC services company, has acquired Richmond Refrigeration Service, an established commercial refrigeration and air conditioning service serving Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina and West Virginia.

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    CHROMIUM urges caution over fraudulent rare gas


    Rare and ultra-high purity (UHP) gases specialist CHROMIUM Ltd has urged industry stakeholders to watch out for the attempted sale, smuggling or otherwise illegal use of suspect rare gases, primarily xenon, after the company was subject to a robbery at its site in the Vladimir Region of Russia last year. ...

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    DCPC to build new facility in Texas


    Aerosol propellants and specialty gases provider Diversified CPC International (DCPC) is to construct a new multi-million dollar manufacturing and distribution facility at the Iron Horse Terminals in Beaumont, Texas.

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    Two new turbomolecular pump sizes from Leybold


    Vacuum specialist Leybold has expanded its TURBOVAC i/iX series - 90, 250, 350 and 450 - by the sizes 850 i/iX and 950 i/iX to six models. The two new turbomolecular pump variants are characterized by extended, trouble-free operation, longer system life and lower operating costs.