Doug Barth, Senior Global Product Manager at Servomex, highlighted the importance of measuring specialty gases accurately, when in discussion with gasworld TV as part of the Spotlight on Specialty Gases: Trends in Market & Operations webinar.

Following on from Kevin Klotz, Field Technician and Customer Support Specialist at Weldcoa and Romary Daval, Technical Manager for Europe for Luxfer Gas Cylinders, who discussed cylinder manufacturing, filling and repurposing, Barth focused on the latter parts of the supply chain, on the accuracy of the gases inside.

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“We [Servomex] are on that side that helps both Romary and Kevin measure those contaminants within a cylinder, whether or not it’s to test the preparation of the cylinders or the quality of the product that is being put into the cylinders.”

On the speciality gas side, Barth said that Servomex have two primary technologies that analyse moisture in specialty gas applications.

“If you look at instrumentation it’s all about the detection limit. We’ve got instruments that go all the way from parts per million (ppm) to parts per trillion (ppt). You look at the semi-conductor industry and they’re ppt level of its primary gases they measure in bulk. 

“The industrial gas market is looking at ppm level and when you get into the specialty, because they’re not being able to be produced with the cryogenic distillation process, there’s a much, much more and elaborate chemical process that’s used to make those specialty gases.”

“It allows those blends or an opportunity for multiple pathways to be blended into a single cylinder so you can add and then you increase those contaminants - so you’re measuring those parts per million level.” 

DF-745 SGMax

Following his enfaces on analysis, Barth mentioned the DF-745 SGMax by Sermomex for specialty gas applications.

Whilst in conversation with Barth, heard that 18 gases are pre -loaded into its memory for stream switching to any one of those combinations of gases. Measuring them without a problem.

Conversion factors or interferences within those gases are not a worry for the customer. For the measurement of oxygen, Servomex uses the DF-500, DF-550 and DF-560. These have proven to be operational in 54 different gas combinations.

Speaking further on Servomex’s products, Barth said that the company have applied software to its instruments and if a customer is wanting to produce a new specialty gas Servomex is still able to test it.

“This is something that is unique to Servomex, to be able to do this” Barth concluded.