If Cryospain could gift one of its industrial gas products to someone this Christmas, the Spanish company would choose a tailor-made cryogenic solution.

“We don’t always get what we ask for at Christmas, but Cryospain clients always do,” Pierre Meurgey, Sales and Marketing Director at Cryospain, enthused. “The end user gets a customised solution, ticking everything on their wish list.”

“This is what sets Cryospain apart from other market players who mould their customer’s needs to standard solutions. While our competition focuses on penny-pinching and lean manufacturing, we focus on customer satisfaction and long-term relationships, all within a competitive budget and with the smartest buying possible!”

So, how does the process work?

“First, our customers send us a concrete inquiry or simply outline their needs or ideas. Next our sales and engineering teams begin to put together solutions to meet client specifications, including cost and delivery timelines. Then, one an agreement is reached, our engineering and production teams get to work on the detail design and quality control plan,” Meurgey explained.

How might the “every day” person use this?

Meurgey said Cryospain is lucky to work with a vast array of people to improve their businesses, both big and small.

“The kind of value we bring people daily could come in the form of any equipment, skid, package or plant involving cryogenic liquefied gas and complex mechanical, electrical or boiler-making skills,” Meurgey explained.

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“To give you an example, we have worked extensively in the field of cryogenic pump skids, packages, plants involving cryogenic processes such as liquid nitrogen or liquid oxygen liquefiers, pump skids, cold boxes, LNG regasification and fuelling stations, gas packaging stations. The end user, or ‘everyday person’ as you put it, could be anyone; from a person building the eco-friendly ships of tomorrow to a patient in a hospital.”

Flexibility is what makes Cryospain’s technology stand out compared to similar products currently on the market, and this flexibility allows the company to offer hyper-customised solutions to its clients.

“This lightness on our feet is also reflected in our ability to reduce delivery time and adapt our production schedule to the preferences outlined by each customer,” Meurgey highlighted. “But I shouldn’t understate the wealth of experience we have amassed, creating tailored cryogenic systems and building facilities across the globe.”


Cryospain is in a constant process of research and development, continuously striving to improve its processes, products and solutions. Thanks to its young team and extremely low employee turnover rate, Cryospain as a company manages to keep growing in terms of experience, while “staying young”.

“Digitisation has stepped up a further gear during the Covid-19 crisis and we are confident that we have everything in place in order to thrive in a ‘post-Covid’ world,” Meurgey said. “Our website, which we have just rebuilt as a resource for our clients to find the best advice on our industry, is one good example of this; a tool we are proud of and that we will maximize in the coming months.”

In addition, in 2021 Cryospain’s board approved further investment to enhance its production capacity: “We will expand our manufacturing facility, adding a new cryogenic workshop to more than double our current working area. Our company is growing in all cryogenic sector components (industrial gases, LNG, liquid hydrogen and liquid helium).”

“We have always believed in technology and innovation as the way forward, which is why we are currently in multiple exciting cryogenic projects related to hydrogen fuel cells.”

“From everyone here on the Cryospain team, we wish the cryogenic and gas community a Merry Christmas and all the best for 2021!”