Carbon reduction and removal firm Storegga is set to spearhead new opportunities in the US, having today (1st August) announced the launch of its new Americas business, Storegga Americas.

Focusing on the US, Canada, Latin America and the Caribbean, the newly formed entity will seek new opportunities in the traditionally fossil fuel reliant region and build out its existing US operations, such as its carbon capture and storage hub along the Mississippi River.

The Americas business will be led by David Cook, Managing Director of Storegga Americas, who is broadly experienced in the energy industry, having most recently served as CEO at the Norwegian energy company ASA (Noreco).

Prior to that, Cook also held a number of senior positions in oil and gas upstream and midstream businesses and renewables.

On his new challenge, Cook said, “We see the effects of the climate crisis in the news around the world every day. It’s great to be part of a passionate and experienced team with such an urgent determination to remove large volumes of CO2 and create beneficial fuels.”

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“While Storegga started leading the way with a single, high integrity carbon capture and storage development in Scotland, it is now taking that knowledge and the skills earned over 20 years to develop large-scale decarbonisation projects around the world.”

“We are doing the right thing accelerating the development forefront of carbon renewables and clean fuels, especially in the tremendous opportunity space of the Americas.”

Nick Cooper, CEO of Storegga, added, “The Americas offer huge opportunity for an independent player like Storegga. Unencumbered by a history in fossil fuels, we are able to bring together international investor support, governments, local communities and energy companies from across the spectrum of producers through to renewables, enabling the development of vital projects we need to remove CO2 at scale.”

“Countries across the Americas, including the US and Canada, are moving t pace to create supportive environments for these developments, including through tax breaks and financial support.”