Carbon capture tech firm C-Capture receives visit from UK Shadow Chancellor

Carbon capture technology developer C-Capture welcomed a visit from Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer Rachel Reeves to their Leeds, UK headquarters on Friday (8th September).

The visit aimed to explore the potential of C-Capture’s solvent-based carbon capture technology to mitigate climate change.

Amine-based carbon capture uses an amine solvent to remove carbon dioxide (CO2) from flue gas.

During the process, flue gas is fed into an absorption column where the solvent selectively removes the CO2.

The CO2-rich solvent is then desorbed, and the reaction is reversed, releasing CO2 which is captured and then sent for geological storage of onward use.

However, carbon capture with amine-based solvents can lead to trace emissions of amines and their degradation products to ambient air leading to human health and environmental issues.

Having developed an amine-free solution, C-Capture believes that it has the potential to break through the barriers that are currently preventing the widespread adoption of carbon capture technology.

Commenting on the visit, Rachel Reeves, Labour MP for Leeds West and Shadow Chancellor, said, “It was fantastic to visit C-Capture in Leeds to see the incredible work taking place on carbon capture and storage (CCS).”

Rachel Reeves, Labour MP for Leeds West and Shadow Chancellor, taking a tour of C-Capture with CEO, Tom White. Credit Tom Arran

“It’s these types of businesses that show the huge potential we have as a region and a country to be a world leader in the industries of the future.”

The visit comes four years after Reeves first stopped by the plant, when the now 40-strong team comprised of just six employees.

“I was absolutely delighted to welcome Rachel back to C-Capture,” enthused Tom White, CEO of C-Capture. “We are privileged to have received a visit from her at an earlier point in our journey and it was fantastic to talk her through our exponential growth from a team of six when she last visited in 2019, to the team of 40 talented engineers, chemists and business support employees that make C-Capture to date.”

“It was a pleasure to discuss the impact that the UK’s leading carbon capture tech sector can make in mitigating climate change – as well as the opportunities it presents for the UK economy.”

According to the company, its technology has the potential to decarbonise a range of industries including thermal electricity generation, biogas upgrading, waste-to-energy, hydrogen, steel and cement.

Last year C-Capture was awarded £1.7m ($2.1m) in funding from the Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) £1bn Net Zero Innovation Portfolio (NZIP) to advance Net Zero

As part of the £20m ($25m) Carbon Capture, Usage and Storage (CCUS) Innovation 20 programme, the company laid out plans to showcase its XLR8 CCS project at multiple sites across the country.

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