Florida’s OSG awarded $3m grant to develop liquefied CO2 carrier

Florida-based Overseas Shipholding Group (OSG) has received a $3m grant to develop a new liquefied carbon dioxide (CO2) carrier that will transport CO2 captured by emitters in the Great Tampa Bay region, across Florida, to sequestration sites in the Gulf of Mexico.

The grant, awarded by the US Department of Energy, supports the development of OSG’s specialised CO2 carrier designed to transport liquefied CO2 from the Tampa Regional Intermodal Carbon Hub (T-RICH). This hub will collect CO2 from significant emitters and transport it in liquid form to certified sequestration locations in the northern Gulf of Mexico.

The multi-million-dollar funding boost follows its other grant to support the development of T-RICH. If successful, T-RICH would initially receive, store, and process two million metric tonnes of CO2 per year and could be scaled in the future to meet expanded volumes of captured CO2.

Jeff Williams, OSG’s Director of CO2 Transport Solutions, said that the two developments will provide a comprehensive solution for Florida’s largest emitting industrial facilities to be part of the nation’s response to the impacts of climate change.

He continued, “The State of Florida presents a unique opportunity for the transportation of liquified CO2. Florida has the country’s fourth largest CO2 emissions from power generation and industrial facilities but has no pipeline system capable of transporting captured CO2 out of state.”

OSG’s proposed T-RICH hub site at Port Tampa Bay would aggregate and store CO2 captured for loading into the LCO2 ATBs operated by OSG. The cargoes would then be delivered to the northern Gulf of Mexico, which has the largest confirmed capacity for safe, deep, permanent underground sequestration of captured CO2.

Sam Norton, President and CEO of OSG, described transporting liquefied CO2 as a natural next step into an exciting emerging market, consistent with OSG expertise with liquid cargoes.

He also notes that CCS systems are expected to provide up to 30% of the US’s total carbon emission reduction goal, to achieve Net Zero carbon by 2050.

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