Linde confirms two deals to purchase renewable energy in China

Linde has confirmed plans to purchase renewable energy from two solar projects in the provinces of Guangdong and Jiangsu, China, after signing two new long-term power purchase agreements (PPAs).

The industrial gas major will source a total of 320 gigawatt (GW) hours per year of renewable energy from the projects through separate 25-year agreements with Guangdong Energy Group (GEG) and China Three Gorges Corporation (CTG).

Due to start in the first quarter of 2024, the supply will help to reduce Linde’s Scope 2 emissions and support the company’s progress towards its science-based absolute greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction target for 2035 and its 2050 climate neutrality ambition.

Commenting on the announcement, Will Li, President Greater China at Linde, said, “These agreements take us another step towards our 2035 emissions reduction target and enable us to supply industrial gases with a lower carbon intensity to our customers in China at a competitive price.”

“They are central to two important objectives for the company: helping our customers to decarbonise and reducing Linde’s own emissions.”

Linde reaffirmed its decarbonisation goals in July last year when it released its 2022 Sustainability Report.

According to the company, it helped its customers avoid more than 90 million metric tonnes of CO2 equivalent throughout the year – more than double its own global emissions.

This was followed in November by Linde achieving the highest score of any industrial gas company in the 2023 S&P Global Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA) and the company’s listing on the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index for the 21st consecutive year in December.

In addition to meeting its sustainability targets, the company has set its sights on increasing the efficiency of its customer’s operations through its involvement in a range of global projects.

“We are working with Heidelberg Materials to jointly build, own and operate a large-scale carbon capture and liquefaction facility,” said Sean Durbin, Executive Vice President, North America at Linde, who spoke to gasworld in December last year.

“The plant will capture, liquefy and purify the CO2 and then Linde will market a majority of the liquid CO2 as feedstock for the chemicals and food & beverage end markets.”

By purchasing renewable energy in China, Linde is tapping into the reserves of a country firmly positioned as the world leader in renewable power.

A report by Global Energy Monitor revealed that China is set to double its capacity and produce 1,200GW of energy through wind and solar power by 2025, reaching its 2030 goal five years ahead of time.

China’s advancement in diversifying its energy sources can be attributed to substantial subsidies to motivate developers and regulations exerting pressure on provincial governments and power companies.

Decarbonisation Summit 2024: Industrial Gases and Clean Energies 3.0 

The global industrial gas and equipment business has an imperative role to play in the future of clean fuels and decarbonisation. The energy transition simply won’t happen without it.  

At the same time, the industry has its own activities to decarbonise and circular economies to carve out – think green air gases and bio-based carbon dioxide (CO2), as well as CO2 utilisation and e-fuels, and so much more besides.  

There are pathways to progress and questions to answer on this journey, not least:  

  • What are the compelling clean fuels and what do the pathways to production look like?  
  • How can the gases industry participate in this playground of opportunities?  
  • What are the tools and technologies that will accelerate decarbonisation?  
  • What can other alternative fuels mean for the CO2 industry and its stakeholders?  

All of these questions and more will be in the spotlight at gasworld’s Decarbonisation Summit in April 2024. This is the Net Zero event for you, held in New York against the backdrop of the progressive US Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) and with the world’s gaze watching on.  

Interested in speaking and contributing? Get in touch with our Content Director, Rob Cockerill, at [email protected]    

To attend, sponsor and for more information, visit https://bit.ly/GWDECARB-S24


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