Topsoe supports growing e-fuel demand with new green ammonia plant in Australia

Carbon emission reduction specialist Topsoe will deliver green ammonia technology for an ammonia plant operated by Allied Green Ammonia Pty Ltd (Allied).

Located in Gove, Northern Territory, Australia, the facility will harness the technology to produce an estimated 2,5000 metric tonnes per day of green ammonia from Q4 2028/Q1 2029.

The ammonia will be exported from Gove to the expanding South East Asian markets where demand for e-fuels continues to grow.

Topsoe uses its DynAMMO technology for the production of ammonia. The new plant will enable the ramping up/down of the ammonia production bidirectionally at a rate of at least 3% per minute in response to the fluctuating supply of hydrogen to the ammonia plant.

According to the company, this process will enable a significant reduction in capital expenditure and operational expenditure since hydrogen storage systems can be either reduced substantially or otherwise eliminated.

“We are excited to embark on this journey with Allied and to support the growing demand for e-fuels production in Australia,” said Kim Hedegaard, CEO Power-to-X, at Topsoe.

“Allied’s project is completely in line with our ambition to deliver carbon reduction technologies for reaching Net Zero. Our dynamic green ammonia solution supports this by enabling the production of e-fuels for energy-intensive industries and long-distance transportation.”

The partners are also in discussions for the supply of an undisclosed quantity of solid oxide electrolysis cells (SOEC) to produce green hydrogen. In combination with the dynamic ammonia technology, the supply of Topsoe’s SOEC technology is expected to increase the energy efficiency of Allied’s ammonia production.

Commenting on the partnership, Alfred Benedict, Founder & Managing Director of Allied, stated, “We are confident that the geographical location and existing infrastructure in Gove in combination with the most energy efficient hydrogen and green ammonia technology will lead to the lowest levelised cost of green ammonia production in Australia.”

Allied has also received endorsement from the local Gumatj Corporation and the Northern Territory government, “both of whom eagerly support the development of our green ammonia project in Gove,” added Benedict.

The global e-fuels market is expected to reach $4.9.4bn by 2030 from $6.2bn in 2023, according to a report by MarketsandMarkets.

Driven mainly by the aim to decarbonise sectors that rely significantly on liquid fuels, such as transportation and aviation, e-fuels are also being used increasingly in power production, heating and as an energy carrier in isolated or off-grid regions.

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