Vaisala’s biogas technology wins excellence award

Measurement technology company Vaisala has been recognised for its work in innovative instrument design following its first-prize win at the UK’s Instrumentation Excellence Awards.

The company’s MGP261 multigas instrument won the Gas Detection Product of the Year. Equipped with 3-in-1 measurement capacity, the device measures methane, humidity and carbon dioxide (CO2) inside the biogas process pipeline without sampling.

Calling it a ‘major breakthrough’ for the operators of biogas plants, Antti Heikkila, Product Manager at Vaisala explained that not only can the device control biogas production more efficiently and at a lower cost, it can improve the quality of the biogas.


“By helping to improve efficiency and financial performance, this technology is also contributing to the fight against climate change.”

“Anaerobic digestion turns waste into renewable energy and reduces dependency on fossil fuels, which is even more important in an energy crisis,” he added.

The technology is suitable for applications such as AD of landfill, industrial and municipal waste, wastewater treatment, CHP engine monitoring, and active carbon filter monitoring.

Commenting on the win, Andrew Williams, Sales Manager at Vaisala, who was also present at the ceremony – held in London, gave thanks to the team that made it possible, “Starting with our R&D scientists and engineers at Vaisala, but also our customers and partners who choose our technology to provide the measurements that they rely on to drive their businesses forward.”

Last year, the MGP261 was also recognised in the global Quality Innovation Award competition, where it won the prize for Circular Economy and Carbon Neutrality innovations.

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