Blue Planet is developing a new carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) system to capture carbon dioxide (CO2) from a variety of high emitting industries such as power, steel, cement and refining.

Unveiling the news today (14th June), the US-based company said it has partnered with Sulzer Chemtech on the venture. Supporting Blue Planet, Sulzer Chemtech said it will develop an efficient carbon capture unit that will act as a key enabler in Blue Planet’s process.

Once operational, the system will mineralise CO2 to form highly sustainable synthetic limestone aggregates – the main compound of concrete – by permanently sequestering the CO2 in a solid form to be incorporated in concrete.

The system is set to be installed in Blue Planet’s pilot plant, which is being constructed in Pittsburg, California and will capture emissions from an adjacent natural gas-fired power plant.

Commenting on the project, Brent Constantz, CEO at Blue Planet, said, “Sulzer Chemtech is an ideal partner to help us meet our goal of delivering cost and energy efficient plants to permanently store CO2 in concrete by producing sustainable cement and concrete using Blue Planet’s technology. Together, we will be able to offer market leading solutions to help businesses reduce their carbon footprint.”

Torsten Wintergerste, Division President Chemtech, added, “We are delighted to contribute our expertise of circular applications to such a cutting-edge project. It will help reduce carbon emissions from industrial applications and the cement sector – a main concern of our customers.”