Swiss industrial engineering and manufacturing firm Sulzer has made an investment to acquire 25% of Tamturbo, a technology company that develops and manufactures oil-free industrial air compressor systems.

A successful co-operation between the two companies began in 2018 due to Tamturbo’s oil-free industrial air compressors aligning well with Sulzer’s lower pressure compressor offerings, which led to a sales and supply agreement.

“Tamturbo complements our existing offering in industrial air compressors with its distributive technology that minimizses cost of ownership,” said Frédéric Lalanne, President of Sulzer’s Pumps Equipment Division. 

“By joining forces, we’ll be well placed to serve a strongly growing industrial automation market with increasing demand for compressed air.”

Based in Finland, Tamturbo will complement Sulzer’s portfolio, leading to scale effects from Sulzer’s industrial brand reputation, its experience in manufacturing similar compressor products, its capillary worldwide sales and service network, and access to key suppliers.

Tamturbo sold its first air compressors in 2017. The company’s sales grew strongly in 2019. In 2019, the company served several of the world’s largest companies within the food, beverage, paper and electronics industries, and now making in-roads to provide compressed-air products to large household names.

“We are excited to welcome a company with the size and reputation of Sulzer as a significant partner in our venture,” said Timo Pulkki, CEO of Tamturbo.

“Sulzer have had a leading position in the low-pressure market with high-speed turbo compressor products in the past 20 years. We can now join our efforts together using Tamturbo’s higher-pressure products to address a market which is significantly larger.”