Taronis Fuels, a subsidiary of Taronis Technologies, has expanded its retail operations in Florida with the opening of a New Tampa facility.

Headquartered in Arizona, Taronis Fuels currently operates four industrial gas supply locations along the Florida Gulf Coast under the brand MagneGas Welding Supply.

“Our Florida retail operations have done an excellent job serving our existing client base,” said Scott Mahoney, CEO of Taronis. 

“With our upgraded infrastructure, expanded sales force, deep industry experience and client relationships, we believe we are now well position to expand our capabilities into the Tampa market.”

“We have similar plans to expand our organic footprint in southern California, northern California, central Texas, Louisiana, and central and southern Florida in the coming quarters.”

“We are also actively looking to expand our reach into Georgia, Oklahoma, Arizona, Nevada and select areas of the Midwest. Our business model is working well, and we are excited to expand.”