Technifab Products, Inc. has announced the creation of a new Chief Financial Officer (CFO) position, set to be filled by long-term Technifab employee Steve Short.

Short has been Technifab’s CEO and President of the company’s Cryogenic Division since 2002, successfully leading the company through the recession of 2008/9 and overseeing continued strong growth since 2010.

The role has also seen Short absorb many of the typical duties of a CFO, duties which will now be decoupled as he explained, “A good leader recognises when it is time for change, and it is in the best interest of the company to separate the CEO and CFO duties.”

Though transitioning to his dedicated role as CFO, Short will continue to serve as Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Stepping into the shoes as CEO and Cryogenic Division President will be Doug Short, who has been in a leadership position at the company since 1994 and most recently served as Vice-President of Sales and Marketing, since 2002. The latter role will now in turn be taken on by Dan Thompson, Vice-President of the company’s Cryogenic Division.

Doug Short commented, “Technifab is in a very good position. Our financials are outstanding. We have wonderful and talented people working together. We have excellent relationships with our customers, suppliers, bankers, and our community.”

“So, while this restricting will require some getting used to, there will be no major changes to the way we do business.”

Product enhancement

Technifab is well regarded for its complete line of vacuum jacketed pipe and related products, having designed, manufactured and installed standard and custom cryogenic equipment since 1992.

With the dawn of the New Year, the company has announced an addition to its portfolio of high quality, efficient Techniguard Rigid Vacuum Jacketed Pipe in the shape of the T-400 stainless steel bayonet, offering frost-free connections for pipe sizes from 1/2” through to 4”.

A close tolerance bayonet, the T-400 design provides a low heat transfer rate that minimises cryogenic liquid boil-off and saves money, while also eliminating the need for field welding or soldering. This makes installation simple and less expensive, pipe re-configuration easy, and system expansion effortless.