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    Johnson Matthey donates tanks


    Johnson Matthey (JM) is donating two 3,000 litre cryogenic bulk liquid tanks to the NHS to be used for oxygen storage in hospitals in the UK amid the current coronavirus crisis.

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    Petronas developing breathing aid


    Malaysian oil and gas company Petronas is working towards developing a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) prototype for coronavirus (Covid-19) patients.

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    Mercedes-AMG develops breathing aid


    University College London (UCL) engineers, University College London Hospitals (UCLH) clinicians and the Mercedes-AMG team have designed and built a new breathing aid that can help keep coronavirus (Covid-19) patients out of intensive care.

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    O2matic develops oxygen robot


    Danish company O2matic, in collaboration with Hvidovre Hospital, has developed an oxygen robot that can improve the oxygen supply to coronavirus patients.

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    Porvair adapts manufacture to support the fight against coronavirus


    In response to government calls for businesses to support in the production and supply of ventilators and ventilator components, Porvair has rapidly adapted some its manufacturing processes in order to join forces in the fight against coronavirus (Covid-19).

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    Anova celebrates first year


    Anova yesterday celebrated its one-year anniversary.

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    C-Capture receives accreditation from BP


    Technology by CO2 removal specialist C-Capture has been successfully awarded accreditation under the BP 2020 Advancing Low Carbon accreditation programme.

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    Peak Scientific remains open amid coronavirus


    Laboratory gas generation specialist Peak Scientific is ensuring continuity of service to all its customers during the coronavirus crisis.

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    ExxonMobil joins GCMI to expedite medical innovation for PPE


    ExxonMobil and the Global Center for Medical Innovation (GCMI) today said they have initiated multi-sector and joint development projects to rapidly redesign and manufacture reusable personal protection equipment for healthcare workers, such as face shields and masks, which are in short supply as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

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    The IIR launches new website


    The International Institute of Refrigeration (IIR) has launched a brand new website to provide user-friendly access to the most relevant information in refrigeration.

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    Vodka made from captured CO2


    Carbon dioxide and vodka: not two words you would usually hear in a sentence, but a New York company has made vodka from captured carbon dioxide as a profitable way to capture and reuse greenhouse gases.

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    Siemens makes its AM Network available to global medical community


    In response to the ongoing global health crisis caused by the outbreak of coronavirus (Covid-19), Siemens is making its Additive Manufacturing (AM) Network along with its 3D printers, available to the global medical community to speed design and production of medical components.

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    Leybold celebrates 170th birthday


    In 1850, businessman Ernst Leybold laid the foundations for a company in Cologne today known as Leybold – and the vacuum specialist is celebrating 170 years of business in 2020.

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    From green shoots mighty pressure vessels grow


    The current vogue of ensuring that we all do ‘our little bit’ in order to ensure a prosperous and green future for our planet Earth, is being grasped by a number of countries and worldwide organisations, including the pressure vessel manufacturing fraternity too. A striking example of this has been ...

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    Packaged gas tracking technologies


    When Jack T. Butler was in his twenties and working the night shift at his Pittsburgh-based family business, Butler Gas Products, he was asked by a friendly competitor visiting the site, “Where are all your empties?” Butler didn’t know exactly, so he asked his father, Jack A. Butler, founder of ...

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    Cylinder Training Services


    Cylinder Training Services is, put simply, a company that keeps your facility and your employees safe after the installation and continued use of cylinders.

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    Gas cylinder testing goes smart


    Digital transformation is now responsible for changing the industry in the same way the industrial revolution affected manufacturing. Moving to a digital world, the gas industry is evolving in response to the challenge of ensuring the right products are delivered at the right price, to the right person through a ...

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    In focus… Cylinder valves and regulators


    In an industry where safety and reliability are of critical importance, the correct regulators and valves are vital to help keep gases under control, with unwanted mixtures and accidental contaminations potentially leading to serious health and safety and environmental issues.

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    Horses for courses


    To win the Kentucky Derby or the Grand National, you would want to be riding a thoroughbred racehorse. On the other hand, to cross the Sahara, enduring days without water, you might prefer to ride a camel. Speaking of business ownership models in the industrial gases sector, picking the right ...


    Cylinder challenges


    2020 is the year that Cylinders Holding celebrates 115 years of continuous manufacturing of seamless high-pressure cylinders. That’s a very good reason to take a look back and reflect on our past, as gasworld agrees, so that we might take a minute and think what change we have seen and ...