Tiger Optics, a US gas analyser manufacturer, has developed a gas analyser which it claims is the world’s most sensitive detector for moisture in ammonia (NH3).

The Pennsylvania-based corporation has advanced the ALOHA+ H2O, which can detect moisture levels in NH3 down to two parts-per-billion (ppb) – five times the sensitivity of basic technology.

The original ALOHA H2O was launched five years ago for the high brightness (HB) LED market, as higher levels of NH3 can impair the electroluminescent intensity of HB LEDs and diminish process yields, and can measure moisture in NH3 at levels down to 10 ppb.

Tiger optics alohaplus h2 o analyser cropped

The new ALOHA+ H2O analyser improves upon its previous model, the original ALOHA H2O, as Tiger seeks to address the exacting needs of high HB LED producers and NH3 supply companies.

The compact ALOHA+ H2O analyser features Tiger’s laser-based technology, and can be used in remote locations due it its easy installation and operating process. A press release from the company details that it offers “a rare combination of sensitivity and robustness.”

Lisa Bergson, Founder and CEO of Tiger, outlined, “When we entered the moisture in ammonia analysis market back in 2004, we did so with an analyser that had the lowest detection limit available. Since then, the lowest detection limit (LDL) is a title that we have maintained.”

The updated device will be exhibited at the Pittcon Conference in Atlanta, running from 6th-10th March.