Toll Company’s President, Jim Quicksell, has retired after 36 years with the company.

Quicksell joined the Minnesota-based company back on 16th May 1983, when he originally told his colleges he would leave the company after a few years.

However, his plans soon changed when it was announced the Bob Toll family wanted to sell the company to employees through the employee Stock Ownership Plan, and Quicksell was asked to be part of the management group.

Throughout his years with the company, Quicksell has held many positions within the company such as HR Manager, Operations Manager, Credit Manager and Vice-President, and then in 2009 replaces Tom McGrath as President of the company.


Source: Toll Company

Under Quicksell’s leadership Toll consolidated its retail locations, expanded its rental fleet and lab capabilities and joined with four other independent welding distributors to construct Absolute Air’ air separation plant in Faribault, Minnesota.

Quicksell plans to spend his retirement with his wife Patty, spending time in the family cabin, reading, wine tasting and looking after his three grandkids.