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  • Future Road Hydrogen

    The hydrogen economy – Are we any nearer?


    Since the world’s attention was drawn to the issue of global warming and climate change by high profile sages such as Al Gore, a profusion of bold initiatives aimed at mitigating the effects of all anthropogenic emissions of green-house gases has emerged.

  • Electronic Gas Management Circuit Board

    Electronics gas management – Providing a safe, efficient and environment-friendly solution


    The reliable supply of high purity gases has been crucial in the electronics industry since the advent of the semiconductor. Discrete semiconductor components were first produced by introducing impurity atoms into a semiconductor material using streams of gases that are mixed before being fed into the reactor vessel in a ...

  • Healthcare Cost Medical

    Homecare services – Healthy potential


    Lifestyle trends initially gain momentum slowly, but diseases resulting from long-term behavioural trends among ageing populations globally, have resulted in a rising tide of patients that demand out-of-hospital care. Tony Wheatley explains.

  • Linde-map-products-gas_world

    MAP – Fresh thinking


    Marketeers seeking to explain the continuing growth in demand for gas blends used in Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP), point to lifestyle factors related to urbanisation as the underlying impetus, as Tony Wheatley explains.

  • Cryostar LNG

    Synergies and demand in the small-scale LNG market


    Providing around 25% of global energy requirements, natural gas has become the fuel of choice for new power plants built since the 1990s. This demand was the driver for overcoming the physical challenge of transporting this relatively low energy dense gas. Natural gas is also an important feedstock for downstream ...

  • Grain

    Carbon dioxide and a green future


    When CO2 is the subject of discussion, outside of those in the gas trade, it is usually associated with greenhouse gases, a gas exhaled endlessly, and soft drinks. As those in the gas industry know all too well, CO2 has many dimensions associated with so many applications, which continue to ...

  • Going Green

    Going green – Industrial gas and the green agenda


    Unlike many other chemical manufacturing processes, the manufacture of atmospheric gases (oxygen, nitrogen and argon) produces virtually no harmful or undesirable by-products at all. The reason for this is that despite the accumulation of greenhouse gases (GHG’s), oxides of sulphur and nitrogen, and volatile organic compounds, the primary constituents of ...

  • Newspaper Takeover

    Mergers and acquisitions – Risky business?


    When delving into the world of mergers and acqusitions (M&A) as applied to the industrial gases industry, it’s worth first understanding the huge capital cost and dynamics that comprise the industry itself.

  • Compliance matters in the gases industry.

    Compliance – Regulations and the gases business


    Broadly speaking there are two fundamental issues that make compliance a strategic imperative for the gases industry: the first is public safety and the second is the energy efficiency that in turn influences their carbon footprint.

  • Financial crisis

    Global gases – 2012 and beyond


    The uninterrupted growth trend of this global industry over some two decades shows the remarkable resilience of demand for gases through previous economic cycles. A new set of demand drivers is also emerging that it is hoped will underpin growth in the short-term future, as Tony Wheatley explains.

  • Sakhalin LNG tanker

    Industrial gases and LNG – How, when and why?


    With the common ground of cryogenics, and the increasing rise of LNG in the global energy mix, it appears as though the integration or synergies between the LNG sector and the industrial gas business can only continue, as Tony Wheatley explains.

  • Coal refining

    Industrial gases in CTL/GTL synthesis


    CTL technology is continually being improved and in this feature, Tony Wheatley explores the application of industrial gases in this sector.

  • Coal refining

    Coal & gas to liquids – Past, present and future alternatives


    The theory of ‘peak oil’ raises serious concerns of when and how the depletion of oil reserves will begin to impact on societies that now seem universally dependant. here, Tony Wheatley discusses the future alternative liquid fuels, CTL & GTL.

  • Philips MRI scan

    Medical applications – A growing market segment for gases


    The medical gases and related business has expanded way beyond the historical supply of oxygen and anaesthesia gases, explains Tony Wheatley.

  • Cryobiology, embryo freezing

    An introduction to...Cryobio equipment


    Driven by the demands of expanding life science activities, a wide range of freezers have been developed including colder mechanical freezers and the perhaps more sophisticated liquid nitrogen-based equipment technology. Tony Wheatley explains.

  • News

    Industrial gas in...The manufacture of photovoltaic solar cells


    With the prospects for the electronics business well established in our first feature this month, here we look at the role of gases in the electronics sector and more specifically, the PV industry.

  • Welding

    Gases used in arc welding


    Continuing our August theme of manufacturing, Tony Wheatley describes the gases used in arc welding.

  • Welding

    Welding and fabrication – Still a growing market for gases


    Tony Wheatley discusses the effervescent driver for gases from the welding and fabrication sector.

  • Phone manufacture

    Manufacturing – From semiconductors to the space industry


    Tony Wheatley explores an industry that's endured a difficult time of late – and at the heart of industrial gas demand.

  • Yara fertiliser usage

    Food processing – From farm to freezer


    Food processing is an industry that relies ever more on gases and associated technologies, as Tony Wheatley explains.

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