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10 minutes with…Manuel Fonseca


Take 10 minutes out with Manuel Fonseca, Business Developer at PRF Gas Solutions, as he describes the role and technologies of PRF and how it interconnects with the LNG markets.

Mark van der Zande

10 minutes with…Mark van der Zande


Take 10 minutes out with Mark van der Zande, Manager of the Global Industry Division Oil & Gas at KROHNE, as he discusses the company’s role in the LNG sector and the expertise it brings.


Cryonorm expands international LNG business


Cryonorm CEO Piet Tel explains how it is reacting to the ongoing rise in global gas prices and capitalising on US cryogenic opportunities. By Dominic Ellis.


Bio-LNG – Fuelling the future of transport


Pentair shares its perspective on the rise of bio-LNG and the equipment required to realise its potential.

Viking Energy-bruk CMYK

LNG bunkering


A large ship pierces the fog on a misty winter morning off the coast of northern Norway; its red hull, emblazoned with the title ‘Viking Energy’, cuts through the waves as the vessel drives forward towards the port of Agotnes. As the quayside draw closer, the ship applies its rudder, ...

Linde, Europe's largest LNG plant

LNG in 2022: Plants, shipping and terminals


Business has been brisk in LNG markets in the past 18 months, and forecasts suggest it will remain so for the duration of this decade, if not beyond. Question marks linger over the role of LNG in our decarbonised future, but there are many that believe – and with the ...

Chart shell lng truck refuelling station rotterdam

LNG in 2022


LNG markets are in focus in a manner not seen for years, Rob Cockerill writes, but the big question remains – what future for LNG in a decarbonised world?