Air Gases (Argon, Nitrogen, Oxygen)

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Messer will construct new plant in Hungary


Messer today said it will construct a new gas production plant in Hungary as it continues to expand its operations in the country.


Absolute Air breaks ground in Faribault, MN

2019-11-01T06:00:00+00:00By Maura D. Garvey

Absolute Air, LLC broke ground in Faribault, about 50 miles south of Minneapolis on September 19, executing on their announced plans to build a merchant air separation plant (ASP) in the Minneapolis metropolitan area to serve its partners and customers. The plant is expected to be producing gases by early ...


Messer commissions plant for gases


Messer has commissioned a new production plant for air gases in Vietnam.




Formed in 1976, and built through organic product development and multiple acquisitions, Philadelphia- based Neutronics is a brand that focuses on gas analysis.

Air Gases

Steady growth for the industrial gas business

2019-08-01T06:00:00+01:00By Maura D. Garvey

Announcements of domestic air separation unit (ASU) and liquefaction builds and expansions for startup through 2022 indicate that the US air gases business has steadily been improving. By the end of 2019, seven new or expanded ASUs with liquefaction will come on-line with an additional seven ASUs planned to come ...


New certification program is put to the test

2019-08-01T06:00:00+01:00By Agnes H. Baker

Compressed Gas Association President and CEO Rich Gottwald gives an update on the CGACB program’s progress.

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Keeping ice and safe


In the ever-developing food and beverage industry, liquid nitrogen – a cryogenic liquid – continues to be a popular and quirky idea used to grab consumers’ attention. Cocktails, ice cream, nitro-popcorn and Dragon’s Breath are just some applications for the liquid nitrogen in the industry.