Air Gases (Argon, Nitrogen, Oxygen)

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Air Liquide, Linde join major medical oxygen initiative

2021-06-16T07:04:00+01:00By , Global Managing Editor

Unitaid and the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) have in the last 12 hours announced unprecedented agreements with Air Liquide and Linde, respectively, for improved access to medical oxygen.


Why synthetic fuels will be future of motorsport

2021-06-11T13:38:00+01:00By , Global Managing Editor

Synthetic hydrocarbon fuels ‘will remain a strong part of motor racing’ in the future, not least as the only form of sustainable fuel capable of enabling the same sense of high-octane entertainment and enjoyment that we’re used to.

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Why synthetic petroleum could be key to decarbonisation

2021-06-11T13:33:00+01:00By , Global Managing Editor

It’s an age-old science proven in photosynthesis and the engineering feats of previous decades – and Zero Petroleum believes synthetic hydrocarbon fuels could hold the key to near-term decarbonisation. Here, gasworld explains why…

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Zero Petroleum: Synthetic fuels in sustainable energy

2021-06-10T08:09:00+01:00By , Global Managing Editor

An age-old science proven in photosynthesis and engineering feats of previous decades could hold the key to near-term decarbonisation, as Zero Petroleum Director Paddy Lowe explains in an interview with gasworld.

GCE_Argon gas

Are you shielding correctly?


GCE asks if your welding operations and argon usage are truly optimised, at a time of increased focus on efficiencies and gas saving.


Market drivers for air gases in Europe

2021-05-24T13:28:00+01:00By , Global Managing Editor

An exclusive interview with Eduardo Gil Elejoste, President of Nippon Gases Europe, by Rob Cockerill.


Oxygen boosting


HAUG oxygen compressors for efficient gold extraction, an insight from Sauer Compressors Group.