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CO2 Solutions in final phases

2018-10-18T13:46:00+01:00By Nick Parkinson

CO2 Solutions Inc. has completed the installation of the absorber and desorber columns at its carbon capture unit in Saint-Félicien, Canada.

Ballard Power

Ballard fuel cell modules to power yard trucks at Port of L.A.


Ballard Power Systems will provide fuel cell modules to power two port terminal yard trucks as part of a project being managed by GTI and partially funded by the California Air Resources Board (CARB).

business deal, merger, acquisition

GUtech signs MoU with Hydrogen Rise


To introduce new hydrogen (H2) technologies to Oman as part of a ‘Hydrogen Initiative’, the German University of Technology in Oman (GUtech) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the German company Hydrogen Rise AG.


CCS: The future of the UK’s oil and gas industry


Scottish Carbon Capture & Storage (SCCS), the largest Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) research group in the UK, is concerned that the multi-billion-pound industry that can deliver effective climate action and a viable future for the UK’s oil and gas industry is being imperilled by slow decision-making within government.

Endothermic Process

CO and CO2 control considerations


Edinburgh Sensors outlined to gasworld in an interview why CO and CO2 levels must be precisely controlled and explained the best way to measure CO and CO2 concentrations in endothermic heat treatment furnaces.

climeworks sky

A technology to reverse climate change


Last October, Swiss company Climeworks announced its participation in the CarbFix project in Iceland, where its DAC technology is capturing CO2 to be mineralised and permanently stored underground. This October, the project-planning phase for expanding the DACS capacity will begin.

CO2 recovery potential in focas

The 2018 CO2 shortage

2018-10-04T11:26:00+01:00By , Global Managing Editor

Several months on from the European CO2 supply shortage that sent shockwaves through food and beverage markets and the mainstream press alike, and much of the frenzy surrounding this supply chain crisis has long since dissipated.


Dearman demonstrates refrigerated trailer at 67th IAA


Dearman, the global technology company delivering zero emission cold and power, demonstrated its groundbreaking refrigerated trailer to an audience of 250,000 for the 67th IAA Commercial Vehicle Show in Hanover, Germany.

10 climeworks plant greenhouse background copyright climeworks photo by julia dunlop

Climeworks launches latest DAC plant in Italy


Switzerland-based Climeworks has just launched another of its second-generation Direct Air Capture plants (DAC-3) in Troia, Apulia in Italy.

AGC Logo

AGC Instruments launches data sheet


Total gas analysis solutions provider AGC Instruments has launched a data sheet for its Customised CO2 Analysis Solutions.


Medical applications for carbon dioxide today

2018-10-01T06:00:00+01:00By Sam A Rushing

As the most prevalent greenhouse gas found on earth, carbon dioxide (CO2) has many applications from medical uses, to food processing, to beverage carbonation, and to a wide range of industrial uses.

CO2 storage vessels

An introduction to...CO2 storage vessels

2018-10-01T05:00:00+01:00By published in gasworld magazine,

Recovered from natural wells or as a by-product from chemical plants, refineries, from breweries where it is generated by the fermentation process when brewing beer, or from any other fermentation process, carbon dioxide (CO2) is the subject of a complex supply chain and an increasing array of end-user applications.

China’s natural CO2 gas fields

China's natural CO2 gas fields

2018-10-01T05:00:00+01:00By Victor Leung, published in gasworld magazine

The State Council of China announced in November 2009 that China was going to reduce the intensity of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions per unit of GDP in  2020 by 40-45% compared with the level of 2005.

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