Carbon Dioxide


Capitalising on carbon capture, ammonia and hydrogen in the circular economy


Never before has sustainability and decarbonisation been such a hotbed of activity, and an imperative area of focus, for the gases industry. This is a topic that dominates headlines and project activity today – and can only be expected to do so even more in future.


gasworld CO2 Summit: Changing the game for cannabis extractors


Delegates has their first taster of parallel sessions at gasworld’s CO2 Summit in Chicago last week. On Wednesday morning (22nd September), delegates heard that traditional CO2 sources are diminishing, and withstanding sources are suffering, and that more plants are now needed to keep up with demand.

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gasworld CO2 Summit: Incentives continue to grow the capture and utilisation of CO2


Without carbon capture, the worldwide fleet of coal and gas power plants would need to retire about 23 and 17 years earlier than expected lifetimes, respectively, in order to limit global warming to 1.5 and 2 degrees celsius .

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gasworld CO2 Summit: Traditional CO2 sources are diminishing


After a short coffee break, gasworld CO2 Summit delegates have just heard that traditional CO2 sources are diminishing, and withstanding sources are suffering.

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gasworld CO2 Summit: New CO2 plants are urgently needed to support demand growth


“CO2 capacity growth of 0.7% per year is not keeping up with demand growth. That’s what gasworld CO2Summit delegates have heard this morning from Maura D. Garvey, Director of Intelligas Consulting, here in Chicago.

Green CO2 Concept

Green CO2: Building lasting alternative supply chains


Disruption to the UK’s ammonia production at the Billingham Complex following carbon dioxide (CO2) supply pressures has shone the spotlight on ‘green CO2’ and need to produce alternative sources efficiently at scale over the long term.


UK CO2 shortage: A ‘perfect storm’ as outlook sets to worsen


Following last week’s announcement by CF Fertilisers UK - a subsidiary of CF Industries Holdings (CF Industries) - that it will halt the production of ammonia at its Billingham Complex due to rising natural gas costs, concern erupted over the supply of CO2 – a forecast that is set to ...