Carbon Dioxide

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China tackles climate change with CCS projects

28 March 2017By

Chinese conglomerate, Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum (Yanchang), is developing two carbon capture and storage (CCS) projects which will use the captured carbon dioxide (CO2) for enhanced oil recovery (EOR).

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Australia launches Gas Vision 2050

24 March 2017By

Australia has launched a national strategy to strengthen the role it plays in the diverse energy mix beyond 2030, designed to maximise the country’s existing gas supply and infrastructure.

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Dry ice: More knowledge, more opportunities

17 March 2017By

One of the topics emanating from the inaugural CO2 Summit in Austria this month was the increasing growth in dry ice applications, from simply being used as a cleaning application to being part of an array of manufacturing and production processes.

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First commercial DAC plant now market-ready

16 March 2017By

Climeworks’ first commercial direct air capture (DAC) plant is now market-ready.

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The importance of the local gas business in Japan

16 March 2017By

According to the Gas Review, it is estimated that the size of the Japanese industrial gas market in 2016 was up by 2.2% over the previous year, totalling ¥548.2bn ($4.8bn). This is the estimated total sales price of the main gases, carbon dioxide (CO2), hydrogen (H2), helium (He), acetylene, and ...

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Linde markets new seafood technologies

15 March 2017By

Linde LLC is supporting two growing areas for the global seafood industry with advanced technologies that improve quality and productivity.

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Air Products unveils new Freshline® IQ Freezer at Seafood Expo

10 March 2017By

Air Products will unveil the new Freshline® IQ cryogenic tunnel freezer at Seafood Expo North America in Boston from the 19th-21st March.

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DataOnline launches Microbulk Scheduler

7 March 2017By

Leading machine-to-machine solutions specialist DataOnline has launched new microbulk scheduling and delivery software to enhance distribution methods, efficiencies and economics for delivering cryogenic atmospheric gases and carbon dioxide (CO2).

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Summit on the Slopes: Bridging the CO2 supply gap

7 March 2017By

gasworld’s inaugural CO2 Summit on the Slopes has drawn to a close here in Innsbruck, Austria, after exploring key trends and dynamics in today’s carbon dioxide (CO2) market.

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CO2 Summit on the Slopes underway

7 March 2017By

gasworld’s CO2 Summit is getting underway in Innsbruck, Austria, with around 100 delegates dedicated to the carbon dioxide (CO2) space gathering to discover the latest movements in the industry.

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CO2 Summit on the slopes on the horizon

6 March 2017By

gasworld’s inaugural CO2 Summit kick starts tomorrow, with industrial gas professionals beginning to gather at the unique Interalpen-Hotel Tyrol in the heart of the Austrian slopes.

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Alberta invests $3m in low-carbon future

2 March 2017By

CarbonCure Technologies will receive up to $3m from Emission Reduction Alberta (ERA) to further optimise and accelerate the adoption of its carbon dioxide (CO2)-utilisation technology in Alberta, Canada.

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GSS launches new slimline CO2 sensor

1 March 2017By

UK-based manufacturer Gas Sensing Solutions (GSS) has launched a new carbon dioxide (CO2) sensor in response to market demands for more compact, slimline models.

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