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CO2 as a laser gas

2019-06-26T15:39:00+01:00By Sam A Rushing

Carbon dioxide (CO2) lasers were one of the earliest gas lasers to be developed in 1964 by Bell Labs, and some claim them to be one of the most powerful continuous lasers available today.

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Inventys receives $26m for carbon capture technology


Inventys, a Canadian carbon capture technology company, has completed its $26m Series C financing through a final subscription of $10m.


Canadian Government invests $25m in Carbon Engineering


The Government of Canada has invested $25m in Carbon Engineering Ltd. a clean energy company that specialises in technologies that capture and reuse carbon dioxide.


New research shows CCS is secure


New research from the University of Edinburgh shows that carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions can be captured and securely stored beneath deep-seated and impermeable underground rocks.

Cooling towers and smoke stack emissions

GTI and KEPRI sign development agreement


US research and training organisation GTI has signed an agreement with Korea Electric Power Research Institute (KEPRI), a unit of Korea Electric Power Company (KEPCO).

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The CO2 crisis: One year on, could history repeat itself anytime soon?

2019-06-17T06:00:00+01:00By , published in gasworld magazine

This week marks one year since the biggest carbon dioxide (CO2) shortage of recent years erupted.

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UK commits to net-zero target


The Global CCS Institute has welcomed the UK Government’s announcement to eradicate the country’s net contribution to climate change by 2050.


Reintroduced bill to increase CCUS


US Senators Michael Benner and Rob Portman have reintroduced a bill making it easier for power plants and industrial facilities to finance the purchase and installation of carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) equipment.


$1.8m to develop carbon capture technology


Researchers from the University of Buffalo have received $1.8m funding to develop its carbon capture technology.


Exclusive interview with Black Bear CEO


Almost every black object you see contains carbon black – your mobile phone case, the ink in your pen, the buttons on your keyboard and the tires on your car. Carbon black is everywhere.


CO2CRC gives green light to third phase of CCS project


Australia’s leading carbon capture and storage (CCS) research organisation CO2CRC has announced a AUS$45m ($31.3m) final investment decision for the third phase of a CCS project in south west Victoria.

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CCS key for a decarbonised future


Representatives from industry, government, academia and the private sector across the globe recently discussed carbon capture and storage (CCS) at The Global CCS Institute’s workshop at the Innovate4Climate Conference in Singapore last week.

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Transition to low emissions economy presents opportunity


Technologies, including carbon capture and storage (CCS), need to be deployed at scale and at a much faster rate than is currently happening to address climate change, said Brad Page, CEO of the Global CCS Institute.

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