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BLM cancels FY 2019 Crude Helium Auction


The US Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) much anticipated FY 2019 Crude Helium Auction that had been scheduled to take place at 1:00 PM today (July 18th) in Amarillo, Texas was abruptly cancelled by the BLM just before 7:00 PM yesterday, discloses Phil Kornbluth, President of Kornbluth Helium Consulting, LLC ...

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BLM announces final helium auction date

2018-06-22T12:57:00+01:00By Phil Kornbluth

The United States Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has announced their plans for their FY 2019 Crude Helium Auction and Sale.

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American Helium announces Holbrook Basin exploration venture


Canadian company American Helium Inc. has partnered with Holbrook Basin Energy LLC to explore for helium (He) in the Four Corners area, US.

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Transitioning to life beyond the BLM


The global helium business has seldom been far from the headlines in the last half-decade. The industry endured a long and severe supply shortage from 2011-2013 (Helium Shortage 2.0) and though it has been through periods of recovery and equilibrium in the years since, the business is still often on ...

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Helium – A space odyssey

2018-06-04T11:39:00+01:00By Agnes H. Baker

Many of the most sophisticated applications in the field of cryogenics have been developed at the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

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Helium: Qatar 4 plant considered

2018-05-21T07:41:00+01:00By Luke Manickam,

The keenly anticipated Qatar 3 helium plant is still subject to well-documented delays, yet gasworld understands the prospect of a further Qatar 4 plant is understood to be in consideration, says Luke Manickam and Rob Cockerill.

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Pipeline leak delays Qatar III helium project


Local reports in Korea suggest a multi-billion dollar dispute is in-progress between Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) and Barzan Gas Company, the latter essentially being the source of feedgas for the keenly anticipated Qatar 3 helium plant.


TNSC acquires right to sell East Siberian helium


According to The Gas Review, on 22nd February, Taiyo Nippon Sanso (TNSC) concluded an agreement through its US affiliate Matheson Tri-Gas with Gazprom to import and distribute helium (He) of Russian origin as the first Japanese company.

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Gazprom Export and Linde sign agreement


The Linde Group and Gazprom Export LLC, a 100% subsidiary of OAO Gazprom, have signed a Sale and Purchase Agreement for the offtake of helium (He) from Gazprom’s new Amur He plant currently under construction in the far east of Russia, as part of the development of Gazprom’s ‘Power of ...

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Veotec designs bespoke HVAC solution


Veotec, design and fabrication specialist, has overcome a series of environmental and operational difficulties to successfully design a HVAC solution for an Ingersoll Rand compressor to be used at a new helium production plant in Qatar.

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Helium: Here we go again, potentially


For the second time in less than 12 months, we are potentially staring at the prospect of another global helium shortage.

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Helium supply tightening again


Exclusive: Midway through the second month of 2018, and helium markets are again experiencing tight supply conditions, according to Phil Kornbluth, President of Kornbluth Helium Consulting.

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Iwatani sets up new helium centres


According to The Gas Review, Iwatani will construct new helium (He) centres in Ibaraki Prefecture and Xian, China.

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