Specialty Gases (Electronics, Medical, Core)

Harris Spec Gas catalog

Harris Products releases speciality gas catalogue


Harris Products Group has released a speciality gas pressure and flow control equipment catalogue.


Spotlight on Specialty Gases: Servomex on specialty gas instrumentation

2021-06-03T10:00:00+01:00By Thomas Dee

Doug Barth, Senior Global Product Manager at Servomex, highlighted the importance of measuring specialty gases accurately, when in discussion with gasworld TV as part of the Spotlight on Specialty Gases: Trends in Market & Operations webinar.

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Spotlight on Specialty Gases: Weldcoa on repurposing cylinders for speciality gases


Kevin Klotz, Field Technician and Customer Support Specialist at Weldcoa on Friday discussed Weldcoa’s extensive process of repurposing a cylinder before it can be used for specialty gas applications.


US expands semiconductor capacity amid chip shortage


Jim Minicucci, Global Head of the Specialty Gases business field at EMD Electronics, a business of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany, shares his viewpoints on the semiconductor chip shortage and supply chain with gasworld.


When the chips are down

2021-06-01T15:02:00+01:00By Mike Corbett

When Covid-19 first started shutting down the global economy last year, there was an unexpected impact on the semiconductor industry and the demand for electronic specialty gases. Historically, consumer and industrial investment on technology goods has reduced as a recession hits. However, in this recession, there was robust growth ...


Requirements for specialty gases in semiconductor manufacturing

2021-06-01T15:02:00+01:00By Mohamed Saleem and and Laura Nguyen

Precision gas delivery is at the core of semiconductor manufacturing. Many different gases – corrosives, reactives and inerts – in varying flow rates are delivered to process chambers to produce critical features on silicon wafers that are used in manufacturing logic and memory chips. These gases, collectively called electronic specialty ...

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Spotlight on Specialty Gases: Luxfer discusses aluminium cylinder cleaning with gasworld TV


Romary Daval, Technical Manager for Europe at Luxfer Gas Cylinders, told gasworld TV on Friday (28th June) that Luxfer no longer uses acid cleaning for its aluminium cylinders.