Exclusive: AirGenics converting cylinders into medical oxygen


For the last two weeks US second-generation retest company AirGenics has been working around the clock to convert inert gas cylinders into medical oxygen cylinders to meet the soaring demands for oxygen needed to treat coronavirus patients.

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Preview: Packaged gas tracking technologies


Although the design of handheld scanners has rapidly improved since those early days, its costs have remained fairly high, and upfront investment is probably the major factor that has held back some in the industrial gas industry from adopting automated tracking systems.

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Preview: Cylinder valves and regulators


In an industry where safety and reliability are of critical importance, the correct regulators and valves are vital to help keep gases under control, with unwanted mixtures and accidental contaminations potentially leading to serious health and safety and environmental issues.


Worthington reports fiscal Q3 results


Ohio-based metal manufacturing company Worthington Industries has reported net sales of $764m and net earnings of $15.3m, for its fiscal 2020 Q3 ended 29th February.

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Clean fuels containment

2020-03-02T06:00:00+00:00By Jim Gregory, published in gasworld magazine

Jim Gregory, European Business Development Manager for Alternative Fuels at Luxfer Gas Cylinders, discusses the challenges facing containment and cylinders when it comes to the increasing demand for clean fuels.


Harris unveils EZ Regulator Mount system


The Harris Products Group has rolled out the EZ Regulator Mount system for customers who want a practical and safe wall-mounted installation of any Harris high-purity bar stock cylinder regulator.

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2019 in Review: Worthington Industries


The big 2019 story for Worthington Industries is how the company has focused and strengthened its sense of purpose, Todd Cesaratto tells gasworld.