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Meaty challenge


Chris Ebeling, of Messer, explains how African Swine Fever impacts the US food industry.


Air Products launches new Freshline EAF tunnel freezer


Air Products has unveiled its new Freshline® EAF tunnel freezer, the latest addition to its Freshline® solutions portfolio.

LeakPointer 3 and LeakPointer 3+

AMETEK MOCON unveils new leak detection instruments


AMETEK MOCON, a provider of package testing instruments and services, has launched two new analytical instruments – the Dansensor LeakPointer 3 and the LeakPointer 3+ – to detect leaks in Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) packages.

air products freshline iq tunnel freezer

Air Products to showcase latest innovations at IPPE


Air Products will showcase its latest innovations in cryogenic technology and equipment for poultry and meat productions at the International Production and Processing Expo (IPPE) in Atlanta, Georgia, from 12th-14th February.


In focus...Food and beverage technologies

2019-02-04T12:11:00+00:00By , published in gasworld magazine

The food and beverage industry has enjoyed the benefits of using industrial gases and technologies for decades, improving food quality, preservation and safety in increasingly intricate ways. This In Focus… will explore three key applications in the food and beverage sector and the latest trends shaping them.

Dry ice carbon dioxide

Sustainable dry ice production

2019-02-04T11:58:00+00:00By published in gasworld magazine

Global demand for dry ice could be met by using more than half of the CO2 that is used today, explains a perspective from Aquila Triventek.


Where ISO standards meet brewing

2019-02-04T11:52:00+00:00By published in gasworld magazine

Despite ISO being instrumental in standardising much of the equipment we use in the gases industry today, sometimes it takes a fresh pair of eyes from outside the industry to indicate where gaps exist.


CO2 inline polishing filters for the beverage industry

2019-02-04T11:49:00+00:00By Gary Robson, published in gasworld magazine

Protecting carbonated beverages from carbon dioxide contamination, an insight from Gary Robson, Head of Sales – Beverage for Unisensor GmbH and Managing Director of Sure Purity Ltd.


Greenhouse growing with CO2 goes green

2019-02-04T10:15:00+00:00By Stephen Harrison, published in gasworld magazine

Stephen B. Harrison explains why CO2 for crop growth is good for the environment, and good for business.


“Our goal is ambitious, but you have to think big”

2019-02-04T09:28:00+00:00By , published in gasworld magazine

Climeworks is moving the needle on CO2 capture, writes Rob Cockerill in an interview with Christoph Gebald and Louise Charles.

CRYOWAVE CWI Impingement Freezer

Linde experts at IPPE


Linde LLC experts will be offering advice on cryogenic chilling technology and processes at the International Production & Processing Expo (booth B4651) at the Georgia World Congress Center on 12th-14th February.

Argon- more uses than you think

Argon: more uses than you think

2019-01-04T16:24:00+00:00By , Published in gasworld US Edition

Argon may not be in the news as much as helium, hydrogen and carbon dioxide for its rising prices, shortage or potential as a fuel, but it is all around us with its multiple industrial uses in its gaseous state.

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HACCP to be required for food sanitation control


The recently revised Food Sanitation Law in Japan requires sanitation control system of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) from all food related companies, according to The Gas Review.

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