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gasworld CO2 Summit: Traditional CO2 sources are diminishing


After a short coffee break, gasworld CO2 Summit delegates have just heard that traditional CO2 sources are diminishing, and withstanding sources are suffering.


Air Products improves freezing efficiency with new tech


Air Products is looking to help food processors improve efficiency and reduce product loss with a brand-new digital intelligence system that both monitors and controls cryogenic freezers remotely.


UK CO2 shortage: ‘Serious concerns’ says food and drink industry


Following the breaking news that CF Industries’ subsidiary CF Fertiliser (CFF) will temporarily cease ammonia production at its Billingham Complex, the UK food and drink industry has reacted, stating that a closure will have a major impact on the sector.

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US CO2 shortage: Strains set to continue throughout the coming months


Tightening in supply or supply shortages of carbon dioxide (CO2) are continuing to hit businesses across the US, with strains set to continue throughout the coming months.

Plenty in the atmosphere, but not enough in our beer

CO2 shortage hits US breweries


A tightening in carbon dioxide (CO2) supply is beginning to hit the US beverage market, with one brewery stating that its supply has been cut for the foreseeable future.

AWG updated

American Welding & Gas acquires NFC Company


American Welding & Gas (AWG) has acquired NFC Company.


CO2 GRO secures second contract with Hidroexpo


A second CO2 Delivery Solutions™ unit will soon be installed at Hidroexpo’s greenhouses in El Salvador, Central America, following a successfully completed trial.