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New Ceodeux Meditec devices make O2 therapy safer

17 October 2016By

In a move towards medical gas control equipment portfolio expansion, Ceodeux Meditec has launched its next-generation of ALPINOX medical pressure regulators that “removes the guesswork from oxygen (O2) flow adjustment.”

Generic Dry ice carbon dioxide

ASCO unveils “most handy” dry ice blasting unit

12 October 2016By

Switzerland’s ASCO CARBON DIOXIDE LTD has released its smallest and “most handy” dry ice blasting unit in its technology portfolio.

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O2 cylinder with “industry first” communication by Linde

11 October 2016By

Linde Healthcare has released a new, unique therapeutic O2 cylinder with “an industry first” communication capability into the US healthcare market.

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Pfeiffer releases pump for hazardous gas atmospheres

28 September 2016By

Vacuum pump manufacturer Pfeiffer Vacuum has introduced a new magnetically coupled rotary vane pump that meets the strictest explosion protection requirements.

Dry ice carbon dioxide

CRYONOMIC® releases “perfect solution” in dry ice production

27 September 2016By

Dry ice technology innovator CRYONOMIC® has added a new dry ice machine to its CIP 5 Series, offering a more versatile and economical solution for producing high density dry ice onsite.

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Worthington introduces microbulk cylinder sizes

23 September 2016By

Worthington Industries, Inc. has expanded its industrial gas storage portfolio after introducing four new microbulk cylinder sizes.

Alicat scientific q series

Alicat expands flow instrumentation product line

23 September 2016By

Mass flow and pressure instrument manufacturer Alicat Scientific has added new lines of high pressure mass flow meters and corresponding controllers to its fast-response, flow instrumentation product offerings.

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Industrial Scientific launches latest monitor

21 September 2016By

Industrial Scientific, a gas detection expert, has released its latest rugged, transportable gas detection monitor featuring the latest technological advances.

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New Haskel website for improved user experience

5 September 2016By

Haskel™ has launched a new global website designed to provide a ‘powerful communications tool’ which offers a gateway to the world of industry solutions, Haskel applications, products, and news.

Chart Perma-Cyl 5500 MP

New Perma-Cyl® 5500 MP Model from Chart

2 September 2016By

The innovative Perma-Cyl® 5500 MP MicroBulk Storage System has been announced as the latest addition to the Perma-Cyl product line of fast fill, at-site MicroBulk storage vessels from Chart.

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Peak Scientific introduces Solaris nitrogen generator

2 September 2016By

Peak Scientific, a global leader in laboratory gas generator solutions, has announced the launch of its latest bench-top nitrogen gas generator system, the Solaris.

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Messer to debut MegaPack C4 cylinder bundle

2 September 2016By

Messer Group is to demonstrate its MegaPack C4 cylinder gas bundle for the first time at this year’s EuroBlech exhibition in Hanover, Germany from 25th – 29th October.

Gas analysis in 2015 – August 2015

Industrial Scientific launches new data environment for iNet® Control v7.0

1 September 2016By

Industrial Scientific has introduced a new data environment for its iNet Control gas detector fleet users.

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