Hoyer distribution

HOYER Group thrive despite coronavirus crisis year


Amidst a year fraught by unprecedented economic uncertainty, HOYER Group has announced an annual turnover of Є1.119bn (previous year Є1.177bn).

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Eleet Cryogenics breaks ground on a new Texas facility


Eleet Cryogenics has broken ground on a new facility in Texas to expand its capabilities for customers in the Southern US.


Emerson optimises inventory management software for liquified gas tanks


Emerson’s Rosemount™ TankMaster™ inventory management software has been enhanced to optimise tank usage and increase safety in full containment storage tanks for LNG and other liquified gases.


Preview: Meeting demands and setting standards, with Eleet Cryogenics


“We have seen the demand increase significantly recently and have been providing larger sized medical manifolds, bulk tanks and ambient vaporisation to accommodate the higher flow demands as systems are upgrading to accommodate the Covid-19 requirement.”

Tank trailer

Tankbouw Rootselaar now manufacturing tank trailers


Following its acquisition of Hobur-Twente, Tankbouw Rootselaar B.V. has said it will start manufacturing tank trailers again, with an emphasis on lightweight and high-volume innovations.

Acquisiton Concept

Chart acquires microbulk cryogenic tank business


Chart Industries has acquired the microbulk cryogenic tank intellectual property, equipment and other assets from IC Biomedical, a newly formed biomedical cold storage business.


Chart’s launchpad into clean energies growth

2020-10-14T11:11:00+01:00By , Global Managing Editor

Rob Cockerill observes how Chart’s latest acquisition demonstrates its strong and evident alignment with not just its core areas of focus – but the emerging energy markets that will drive growth in the future.