Toshiba Corporation has received an order to supply Tokyu Construction with one of its autonomous hydrogen (H2) energy systems.

Toshiba will install the H2OneTM unit at Tokyu Construction Institute of Technology in Japan. It is due to start operation in December this year.

The independent machine features an efficient cogeneration system based on Toshiba’s unique H2 energy management system (EMS) and uses renewable energy and H2 to stably supply electricity. It consists of a solar power generation system, storage battery, H2 production equipment, H2 storage alloy tank and a pure H2 fuel cell.

H2 one

Source: Toshiba Corporation

The integrated system will use a photovoltaic system within the building to produce H2 via electrolysis. It will store and use the gas in fuel cells to provide a stable delivery of carbon dioxide-free and environmentally-friendly electricity and hot water.

Hiroyuki Ota, General Manager of Toshiba’s Energy Systems & Solutions Company, commented, “This is the first time we have seen H2One used to reduce operating costs in a building, an exciting development.”

“Widespread use of H2 energy is crucial for realising a low-carbon society and we will continue to leverage our wide-ranging technologies to develop and promote an innovative H2 business.”