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    In focus…Bulk gas distribution


    The industrial gas supply chain is comprised of several key processes essential for generation, transport, and delivery. As methods of distribution, transport and delivery allow for industrial gases to reach end-users to supplement a range of industries from medicine, fuel, food, and more.

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    Calvera provides trailer trucks for BIG HIT


    Calvera’s equipment for the transport of high pressure gases by road has been key to the European BIG HIT Project (Building Innovative Green Hydrogen Systems in an Isolated Territory: a pilot for Europe), which was launched in the Scottish Orkney archipelago.

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    Transport safety


    The transportation of gases and equipment by road can often be the highest risk activity for gas companies and their providers of transport services, and this is something that the European Industrial Gases Association (EIGA) is exploring this January (2018).

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    Government launches review on red diesel usage


    Chancellor of the Exchequer reviews the use of red diesel to help improve Britain’s air quality

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    Driving tips


    Genox Transportation, Inc. believes that people are interested in learning more, improving their ability to perform their jobs, and being the very best that they can be. Here, the company shares its tips for transport safety and performance with gasworld (US Edition).

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    Weight distribution optimization


    When it comes to tank trailers, every pound counts. Not only that, the location of every pound counts. When you reach the weight limit for an axle or set of axles, you have to stop loading whether or not you have capacity left elsewhere, so you want to be sure ...

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    Optimizing cylinder distribution


    As we approach the end of 2016, it proved to be another year of change for the packaged gas industry. With the Airgas acquisition by Air Liquide, the industry continues, what has been the norm for decades, its practice of consolidation.

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    Smart Ship is smart business


    Mike Enders, nexAir Executive Vice President of Operations, discusses the nexAir Smart Ship program, a novel distribution system that provides customers with next-day – and in some cases, same-day – delivery of gases and supplies. 

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    Interview – Kenan Advantage Group


    In this issue, gas world takes a look at a critical part of the industrial gas supply chain – transportation. Here, Agnes Baker interviews the Merchant Gas Group and talks all things transportation.

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    AltWheels Fleet Day (2016) review


    AltWheels Fleet Day is the largest meeting of corporate and municipal Fleet Managers on the East Coast. On September 19, gasworld attended the 11th annual Fleet Day event in Norwood, Massachusetts, to learn about the latest in fleet transportation technologies, alternative fuels, fleet management practices, and in particular, the how ...

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    H&H Sales Company marks 65 years


    H H specializes in manufacturing and distributing custom service and delivery truck bodies, custom steel fabrications and other truck/van equipment and accessories.

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    Adel Hassan changes to GOFA


    The tanker vehicle construction specialist has returned to the Lower Rhine area of Germany when Mr. Hassan became a member of GOFA from October 1 st .

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    Kryooprema enters Gulf region


    The Serbian cryogenic manufacturer has secured the first orders to supply vertical bulk, transportable pallet and horizontal tanks to the Gulf region – which is a new market for the company.

  • Turbines Incorporated’s Integrated System for Cryogenic Delivery

    Spotlight on Technology - Turbines Incorporated’s Integrated System for Cryogenic Delivery


    Focusing on simplicity and efficiency proves to be essential for success in the cryogenic gas distribution market. Investing in a truck-integrated delivery system that clearly and simply provides a real-time status of flow parameters can assist with faster delivery times, reduce readout errors, and preserve costly equipment. Systems like these ...

  • High Horsepower Summit 2013

    A Conference & Trade Show Report


    The High Horsepower (HHP) Summit 2013 commenced with pre-conference tours on Monday, September 16 at the Caterpillar Lafayette Engine Center in Lafayette, Indiana, and the Electro-Motive Diesel LaGrange Engine Facility in LaGrange, Illinois. As the windy city became the rainy city, the Summit officially opened on September 17 in Chicago’s ...

  • Working Toward 100 More Years of Self-Regulation

    Working Toward 100 More Years of Self-Regulation


    The Compressed Gas Association (CGA) ( ) was established in 1913 to promote industry self-regulation and to develop new safety standards in response to technical advances. Today, the compressed gas industry (industry) can look back on a century of successful self-regulation that has driven exceptional safety performance. As CGA ...

  • Spotlight on Technology – Tube Trailer Acoustic Emission Testing

    Spotlight on Technology - Tube Trailer Acoustic Emission Testing


    DOT pressures vessels (tubes) require periodic inspections to evaluate the integrity and safety of each vessel. After years of use over land and sea, it is important that authorized holders of Requalification Identification Numbers (RIN) conduct a thorough examination of each vessel. There are several non-destructive test methods used for ...

  • High Horsepower Summit 2012

    High Horsepower Summit 2012


      From September 26–28, 845 registered attendees representing high horsepower industry sectors including rail, marine, mining, drilling, earthmoving, and power generation gathered at the Royal Sonesta Hotel in Houston, Texas, to examine the potential of natural gas for fueling high horsepower (HHP) operations. 

  • 2012 Alternative Clean Transportation Expo

    2012 Alternative Clean Transportation Expo


    There is a buzz in the transportation sector and it’s all about natural gas (NG). The industrial gas business, and its related production, distribution, and applications businesses, develop, design, and build equipment directly applicable to compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG) powered transportation. 

  • Cold Success – GenOx Transportation Growing with Demand for Cryogenic Gases

    Cold Success - GenOx Transportation Growing with Demand for Cryogenic Gases


    Cryogenic hauler GenOx Transportation Inc. ( ) operates in one of the smallest niches within the tank truck industry. However, that doesn’t mean the management team has small dreams and goals. In fact, quite the opposite is true. Launched 10 years ago, the Houston, Texasbased carrier has grown at ...