Earlier this week a cross-industry coalition was launched in UK Parliament with a goal of promoting large-scale deployment of hydrogen across the UK.

Titled ‘Hydrogen Taskforce’, and comprised of hydrogen players Arup, Arval, Baxi, BNP Paribas, BOC, BP, Cadent, DBD, ITM Power, Shell and Storengy, the group has an objective to secure investment and support for hydrogen to achieve Net Zero by 2050.

In order to achieve its goals, the Taskforce aims to align a wide range of stakeholders including Government, industry and an informed public with the aim of driving investment in hydrogen to promote its large-scale deployment.

To mark its launch, the coalition published a report on The Role of Hydrogen in Delivering Net Zero, which outlines a series of policy recommendations for industry and government to work towards over the next five years.

The action plan addressed in the report includes the following steps:

  1. Development of a cross-departmental Hydrogen Strategy within UK Government.
  2. Commitment by Government of £1bn over the next Spending Review Period to hydrogen production, storage and distribution projects.
  3. Development of financial support for the production of hydrogen for blending into the gas grid, industrial use, power generation and transport.
  4. Amendment of Gas Safety Management Regulations (GSMR) to enable hydrogen blending into the UK Gas Grid and take the next steps towards 100% hydrogen heating through supporting public trials and mandating hydrogen-ready boilers by 2025.
  5. Collaboration to establish 100 hydrogen refuelling stations by 2025 to support the roll-out of hydrogen transport.

At the launch event held in the House of Commons, Right Honourable Kwasi Kwarteng MP discussed the important of hydrogen in reducing carbon emissions, both in the UK and globally.

Jacob Young, MP for Redcar, and Chair of the Hydrogen All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG), also spoke about the importance of hydrogen’s role in levelling up the regions and helping the government to deliver on its ambitions to meet Net Zero by 2050.

Also present, Clare Jackson, Senior Consultant at Ecuity, enthused, “The launch of the Hydrogen Taskforce marks a historic moment in the unfolding of the UK’s hydrogen story.”

“Our actions over the next five years will set the trajectory for the next thirty and we cannot afford to be complacent.”

“The collaboration between these leading organisations will be key to propelling hydrogen into the mainstream, setting out ambitions to accelerate activity in the UK and calling on Government to match that ambition.”

Rob Cockerill - BW v1

Cause for a new national renewables day?

Rob Cockerill, Global Managing Editor

Have we just missed a trick here in the UK by not coining a new National Renewable Energies Day?

One could be forgiven for this slipping under the radar, but it’s not lost on us here at gasworld that in the same day we’ve seen the launch of both a Hydrogen Taskforce in the hallowed halls of Westminster and a new pathways report into biomethane’s potential from the Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association (ADBA).

Given the significance of both these means of energy or power, there is surely merit in making 2nd March a day annually devoted to championing renewable energies…

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