Chancellor Sajid Javid MP has announced £30m worth of funding to tackle going air pollution issues in the UK, along with £432m for the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA).

The funding announcements are part of the Government’s one-year spending review, which was outlined to the House of Commons on 4th September (2019). 

The funding of £432m for the DEFRA will help develop new environmental standards post-Brexit. Chancellor Javid also announced £200m funding for Britain’s bus network, with particular reference to ultra-low emission vehicles.

Commenting on the spending review, Charlotte Morton, Chief Executive at ADBA, said, “Despite the current political uncertainty, our climate emergency is not going away and will not wait for Brexit to be resolved.”

“As such, it is good to see that the Chancellor announcing additional funding to support decarbonisation efforts, new environmental standards and support for greener transportation in this one-year review.” 

“There can be no net-zero without anaerobic digestion, given we can cut UK emissions by up to 5% with a readily-deployable and flexible technology.”

Chancellor Javid also pledged an extra £30m towards decarbonisation schemes led by BEIS, to help the UK meet its obligations to net-zero by 2050.

UK commits to net-zero carbon emissions target by 2050

The funds are all part of the Government’s one-year spending review.