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    Webinar: Digitalisation in industrial gases


    In Part One of a two-part gas world TV webinar series, sponsored by Anova, digitisation in industrial gases took centre stage, with one speaker stating that the pandemic has really accelerated the industry’s digital learning curve.

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    New addition to Emerson Board of Directors


    Global technology and industrial software company Emerson has appointed James Turley as Chair of its Board of Directors, succeeding former chair and CEO David Farr, who retired after 20 years as CEO in February.

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    CGA elects Ebeling and Maione


    Chris Ebeling, of Messer Americas, and Francesco Maione, of Air Products, were unanimously elected 2021 Chair and Vice-Chair respectively of the Compressed Gas Association (CGA) Board of Directors during the CGA’s Annual Meeting.

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    AMETEK MOCON launches new oxygen permeation analyser


    AMETEK MOCON has today (6 th May) launched a new analytical instrument to measure the oxygen transmission rate (OTR) of whole packages at ambient environmental conditions.

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    CIRCOR launches smartphone app for product operators


    CIRCOR International has launched a new mobile app designed for use by operators of a variety of CIRCOR Pipeline Engineering products.

  • Linde

    Linde reports ‘stellar’ Q1 2021 results


    Linde CEO Steve Angel said the company’s business model and ability to leverage any economic recovery has led to “stellar” quarter one (Q1) financial results, reported today (6 th May).

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    BayoTech, Carbon Clean to develop onsite hydrogen and carbon capture solutions


    Carbon Clean and BayoTech have joined forces to cut the cost of small-scale hydrogen and CO2 production.

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    Industrial Scientific launches two-gas monitor to increase site safety


    Industrial Scientific has launched a new two-gas monitor to increase site safety.

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    Linde reports record number of small on-site contracts in 2020


    Linde signed a record 36 new small on-site contracts during 2020, the industrial gas giant confirmed today (5 th May).

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    CVD MesoScribe Technologies awarded US Air Force contract


    CVD MesoScribe Technologies, a subsidiary of CVD Equipment, has been awarded a two-year contract, valued at approximately $750,000, by the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL).

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    Impact of Covid pandemic on US healthcare


    Healthcare made up almost one-fifth of the US economy in 2020 because of the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic but will likely decline in 2021. In 2020 there was unprecedented demand on the medical system and medical oxygen, but healthcare use and spending precipitously dropped during the pandemic due to ...

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    Overcoming supply chain challenges


    Oxygen is critical to the care of Covid-19 patients. Getting medical oxygen to hospitals, EMTs, and home-bound patients is an important role in the industrial gas industry. As we hit the one year mark in the coronavirus pandemic, and infection spikes continue to pop up, gasworld checked in with US ...

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    When molecules matter


    Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Applied Cryo Technologies (ACT) is a melting pot of talented individuals from all over the country with a grassroots theme and vision of success on the horizon. There is a strong sense of patriotism, veteran support, and the spirit of putting a man on the moon ...

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    Essential business


    Oxygen’s life-saving role during the coronavirus pandemic has underlined the importance of companies in the oxygen supply chain, which have altered operations in order to increase capacity for medical customers.

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    Meeting demand, setting standards


    As some US states saw Covid-19 cases rise in April, demand for medical supplies remained high. This demand is having an impact on the running of many industrial gas companies, with many having to increase production and supply of its medical equipment. Ohio-based Eleet Cryogenics is just one of these ...

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    Covid-19 and cryo-EM


    Today, the world is getting smaller – much smaller. New technologies don’t just connect and move us across vast distances, they allow us to peer deeper into the fabric of life itself.

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    Considering women-owned business alternatives for aging gas distributor owners


    As more and more compressed gas distributor owners get closer to retirement age, they are faced with the decision to either pass ownership of their business to their children, relatives, or consider selling it.

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    Selecting regulators and flow metres for medical oxygen


    The first medical regulators were just industrial regulators with a few alterations. Today’s medical gas control devices have many advanced design features that make them easier to use, more accurate, simpler to maintain and less costly. Now, as Covid-19 has brought about the highest need for medical oxygen than ever ...

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    CO2 sensors for healthcare, life sciences


    Over the last 15 years, CO2Meter has worked closely with customers and partners in laboratories, life sciences, and healthcare industries to design and manufacture devices that meet strict standards and criteria. Recognised as a leader in providing carbon dioxide (CO2) sensing technologies and gas detection solutions, CO2Meter continues to innovate ...

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    Lessons learned in response to Covid-19


    If necessity is the mother of invention, the industrial gas industry has certainly re-invented a number of its practices in response to the urgent nature of the pandemic, adopting higher levels of co-operative working and a fresh nimbleness which will stand it in good stead in the future.