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    Ken Thompson: Distributors expand gases-related presence


    In the early 1960s, Union Carbide’s Linde Division, Airco, and National Cylinder Gas began aligning with welding supplies distributors to expand their respective presence in cylinder gases distribution. Each of the major gas producers recognised the logistics costs in serving small end users and responded by establishing networks of independent ...

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    Mixed reality for improved operations


    For Illinois-based Nalco Water, an Ecolab company, the impact of the coronavirus pandemic has sped up the introduction of mixed reality technologies to help support its ever-growing customer base.

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    Sustainable solutions utilising oxygen


    AirSep Corporation, a CAIRE Inc. company located in Buffalo, New York, has manufactured oxygen systems for over 34 years building, strong relationships with customers all around the world to help maximise their business needs using PSA and Vacuum Pressure Swing Adsorption (VPSA) technology.

  • WHA Oxygen Clean Room

    Oxygen cleaning: fundamental fire protection


    One autumn afternoon in 2013, operators initiated startup of a new basic oxygen furnace (BOF) located at a steel plant in the Midwest. Inside the furnace, six natural gas burners were each paired with an oxygen lance to achieve optimal combustion. Despite several reported anomalies in pressure and flow, the ...

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    Gas Masters to the rescue


    In 2020, for over 38 consecutive weeks, Weldcoa’s Gas Masters Team remotely trained and shared industry specific concepts related to fill plant operations to over 2,200 unique registrants in 11 different countries. In total, Weldcoa delivered 70 live webinars between April and December last year. 

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    Emerson launches new ultrasonic metal spot welder


    Emerson has unveiled its new Branson™ GMX-20MA ultrasonic metal spot welder.

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    At least six dead after liquid nitrogen leak


    At least six people were killed after a suspected liquid nitrogen leak at a poultry plant in the US state of Georgia on 28th January, according to officials.

  • Air Products

    Air Products receives perfect rating on 2021 CEI


    For the fifth consecutive year, Air Products has earned a perfect score on the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s 2021 Corporate Equality Index (CEI).

  • Federico Bruschi

    Bruschi gets Managing Director role at Cavagna North America


    Cavagna Group has appointed Federico Bruschi as Managing Director of Cavagna North America, the manufacturer of equipment and fittings for compressed gases, gas storage and gas control.

  • Actros 2545 - Air Products (21)

    World-scale projects are required to reduce green hydrogen costs, says Air Products


    Air Products yesterday (27 th Jan) reaffirmed its commitment to hydrogen as it took part in a virtual panel discussion detailing the findings of the Fuel Cell Hydrogen Energy Association’s (FCHEA) Road Map to a US Hydrogen Economy  report.

  • zz NexAir

    nexAir makes organisational changes


    Memphis-based nexAir has announced various changes to its sales organisation team.

  • New Idea:Light Bulb Concept

    Warren Controls launches new valve series


    US manufacturer of control valves and specialty fluid handling products Warren Controls has unveiled its new ILEA 5800E Series of high-quality, modulating, linear, electrically actuated industrial globe control valves.

  • California Covid

    Surging Covid-19 cases has resulted in oxygen supply issues, says Cal OES


    The California Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES) has said that surging Covid-19 cases and hospitalisations have resulted in oxygen supply issues which are affecting hospitals in the state.

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    CVD Equipment appoints new President and CEO


    CVD Equipment Corporation, a New York-based provider of chemical vapor deposition systems and materials, has named Emmanuel Lakios as its new President and CEO.

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    Google ends Loon project


    Google has shut down its Loon project, which hoped to make giant helium balloons an alternative to cell towers in remote areas of the world.

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    Marshall Excelsior acquires CPC-Cryolab and Rockwood Swendeman


    Marshall Excelsior Company (MEC), a Harbour Group company, has acquired the assets of CPC-Cryolab, a leading provider of liquid hydrogen and liquid helium valves, and Rockwood Swendeman (CPC) a manufacturer of cryogenic safety valves.

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    Carbon Engineering recognised on Global Cleantech 100 list


    Carbon Engineering has been named on the Global Cleantech 100 list by Cleantech Group and honoured the 2021 North American Company of the Year Award.

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    Selecting on-site gas mixers for welding shield gases


    A common application for on-site gas mixing is creation of shield gas mixtures for welding. An on-site gas mixer may be used for one welder or hundreds of welders. On-site gas mixing allows the user to control the gas mixture from a single point; gas mixers with gas analysers improve ...

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    CO2 fundamentals and safety, part two


    Last month in part one of this article, we discussed the makeup of carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) and the four phases or states of matter for CO 2 that we typically deal with (solid, liquid, vapor, and supercritical fluid). On a pressure-temperature phase diagram we learned where these ...

  • Messer Hot Products Freezer

    Messer to showcase wave impingement freezer at IPPE


    Messer will host a virtual trade show booth, highlighting its chilling and freezing technologies, at the virtual International Production and Processing Expo (IPPE) on 25 th -29 th January.