US Edition June 2017

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  • distribution network concept

    Q&A: FasTest enhances global presence


    gas world speaks with new Director of Sales Paul Kaufer, to see how he has settled into the role and to find out what he hopes to achieve as the new director of sales.

  • Haskel 1 a

    Q&A: Haskel discusses new equipment expertise


    gas world speaks to Haskel Product Manager Paul Harrison, about the launch of the H-drive gas booster and the company’s latest endeavours.

  • teamwork concept

    GAWDA scholarships support careers


    GAWDA leaders announced the awarding of 11 $2,000 scholarships in May at the association’s annual spring conference. Since the scholarship programme was first introduced in 2013, the organisation has awarded a total of $116,000 in scholarships.

  • Welding job
    NA - News

    IWDC’s 2017 successful Sales & Purchasing Convention


    IWDC’s annual convention held from the 23 rd -25 th May in Las Vegas, was attended by 111 member companies and 97 vendor partners totaling over 550 participants.

  • mount rushmore memorial

    The Plains report


    Incorporating Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota. By James Barr.

  • cylinders

    Trends in packaged gases


    A major component of the US industrial gas business involves the distribution of packaged gases. These include all kinds of gas products, including industrial, medical, rare, and specialty gases at variable purity levels and pressures. 

  • Middlesex Gases and Technologies

    The packaged gas path


    We often write about the industrial gas supply chain, but this is our first feature that takes readers inside a distributorship for a day in the life of a cylinder. Middlesex Gases Technologies generously offered to allow us to map the path of a high pressure cylinder through ...

  • Airgas, Andy Cichocki, 2017

    Transitioning into the future at full speed


    One year into the Air Liquide acquisition, gasworld interviews Andy Cichocki, Chief Operating Officer of Airgas.

  • Carbon dioxide cylinders

    Important considerations for fill plant investments


    Either installing or upgrading your cylinder filling plant is a significant and important investment that can not only be costly, but complex. One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to fill plants, but it’s important to begin the process by looking at some high-level considerations.

  • catalina hq

    Catalina Cylinders


    In 1986, Catalina Cylinders produced its first aluminum high pressure gas cylinder in Huntington Beach, CA. Six years later, Catalina was acquired by Aluminum Precision Products Inc. (APP), an aerospace forging manufacturer, which reopened Catalina in Garden Grove, CA.