US Edition March 2018

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    Gasworld US Edition, Vol 56, No 03 (March)


    This March gas world US Edition gets to grips with changes in the global hydrogen market, from the more traditional refinery hydrogen business to the growing momentum for the hydrogen economy and the supply chain.

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    H2Scan: Sensing a new market


    With headquarters in Valencia, California, H2scan is a rapidly growing leak detection and process gas monitoring solution provider. H2scan’s industry-leading hydrogen analyzers and leak detectors are based on patented, solid-state core hydrogen sensor technology.

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    The 2017 hydrogen report


    Industrial gas companies continue to supply large quantities of hydrogen through their onsite pipeline (OSP) business used by oil and gas refineries, basic and specialty chemical manufacturers, and food processors, writes Maura D. Garvey.

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    Changing methods of sales


    My fascination for sales training began in 1975 when I was asked, along with my other duties as a regional engineer for Airco Welding Products, to train our distributor sales reps.

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    Fuel cells multiply


    Fuel cell applications are showing up everywhere. From data centers to animation studios, these systems are powering all kinds of businesses. The US plays a leading role in fuel cell technology development and manufacturing, an industry now valued at $1.6bn in the US (DOE).

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    Fuel cell technologies: A status report


    In North America, fuel cell technologies and hydrogen continue to make steady progress in terms of their development, application, and commercialization, writes Agnes H. Baker.

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    Restoring balance to the grid


    Increasingly severe weather-related events and new energy sources have exposed weaknesses in the US power grid. To upgrade its aging grid infrastructure and bring it in line with 21 st  century power demand, a range of solutions are needed.

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    Packaged gas efficiencies


    Of the $23bn North American industrial gases market, packaged gases account for around a 44% share. In terms of market share, the total value of the 750 independent distributors is about $3bn, in value of gas (revenues).

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    Cylinder investment strategies in focus


    Norris Cylinder manufactures high pressure cylinders and acetylene cylinders for the industrial gases markets, including breathing air markets, fire, aviation and aerospace, from its two locations in Longview, Texas and Huntsville, Alabama.

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    Specialty gases: KPI’s for success


    Know your key performance indicators for success in specialty gases, with insights from Rick Kowey, Ray Borzio, and Joe Bernacki. By Jemima Owen-Jones.