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  • art-waskey

    Creating open field success


    A sales person claiming to be the top annual producer at his company approached me with his concern that he had “hit the wall.”  In his analysis of his current schedule, he did not see a pathway for continued growth.

  • Magnum-Development-LLC

    Magnum Development


    Magnum Development, LLC is a Utah-based company that is developing multiple businesses utilizing the only known Gulf Coast-style salt dome in the western US.

  • Xenon

    The rare gas market begins to stabilize


    Rare gases had a good 2018. We saw a stabilization of prices for xenon, a slight decline in neon and a slight increase in krypton, but no wild swings as in many of the past years.

  • David Silva

    10 minutes with...David Silva


    Take 10 minutes out with David Silva, Vice-President of Sales and Marketing for Catalina Cylinders, as he discusses 

  • Excelitas-credit-Excelitas-Technologies

    Future is bright for xenon


    Xenon high-intensity arc lamps, an electric light that produces light by passing electricity through ionized xenon gas at high pressure, have a versatility which has seen its use grow year on year.

  • Nasa

    To infinity and beyond


    If a NASA mission exploring the potential of refueling in space is successful, it will be a huge boost for xenon’s future and use in space exploration.

  • Photomultiplier copyright

    Serving both light and dark


    Agnes H. Baker looks at some of the most fascinating applications for rare gases for March 2019’s issue of gas world US.

  • Taronis-Technologies

    MagneGas rebrands to Taronis Technologies


    Scott Mahoney, CEO of Taronis Technologies, explains the decision to change the ambitious company’s name.

  • Barcoding

    IT challenges and solutions


    Keeping up with information technology, both in terms of software and hardware, is one of the great challenges of our time and can be particularly daunting for independent gases and welding distributors.

  • iwdc-logo

    IWDC celebrates 25th anniversary


    In April 1994, the IWDC was formed by the Independent Welding Distributors Association (IWDA), a western geography buying group. Less than a year later, the Key Distribution Group (KDG), an eastern geography buying group, merged with IWDC to almost double its size.

  • data concept business

    Baird/gasworld Survey: Slower growth expected in second half of 2019


    Last year stands out as a great one for our industry and we enter into the first quarter of 2019 with optimism across both gases and welding equipment, but with many erring on the side of caution later on in the year.

  • Supply-and-demand

    Helium Shortage 3.0


    As we enter March 2019, Helium Shortage 3.0, the third period of sustained helium shortage since 2006, has now persisted for over a year.

  • US_Mar2019_2x

    Gasworld US Edition, Vol 57, No 03 (March)

    Fleet management, driver shortage, popular delivery systems and business reorganizations are all covered in this transportation issue. Also affecting manufacturers of bulk gas tanks, as well as other products like cylinders, are the steel tariffs.