US Edition November 2017

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  • IACX helium

    2017 global helium market


    Helium is a global commodity delivered though a complex supply chain. Diversity of sourcing and reliability of sourcing operations will be the drivers affecting level of helium supply and service by major gas companies, as Maura D. Garvey explains.

  • BLM image cmyk

    Closure plans take shape for US Federal Helium Program


    The BLM Amarillo Field Office is currently planning for the closure of the Federal Helium Program, at the direction of the U.S. Congress, as Samuel R.M. Burton explains.

  • coldbox erection

    AMCS – An innovative supplier of process plants and equipment


    AMCS Corporation celebrates its 19th anniversary this year as a supplier of innovative technology and services to the gases industry. The company’s technology portfolio includes plants that produce helium, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, argon, neon, krypton, and xenon.

  • MICHAEL D’AURIA, JIM HERMETET, 10 minutes with

    10 minutes with...Michael D’Auria and Jim Hermetet


    Take 10 minutes out with Michael D’Auria and Jim Hermetet, President and Vice-President of Sales, respectively, at American Gas Products/AGP Helium, as they talk about the company’s roots and how it has coped with keeping helium supply going during times of shortages.

  • Art Waskey

    Dealing with head trash


    We tend to jump to negative assumptions in response to many of the things we hear on sales calls. These types of thoughts are what I call head trash, and they are the consequence of believing you already know what the customer is thinking before you give him your full consideration.

  • Ned lane gawda

    If you can measure it, you can improve it


    gasworld interviews GAWDA President Ned Lane. By Ron Welter.

  • Gasworld us edition vol 55 no 11 november

    gasworld (US Edition), Vol. 55, No. 11 (November)


    One of the most popular and topical editions of the year is the Helium Issue, our theme for this November issue of gasworld (US Edition). From a BLM capacity update to sourcing and supply trends and new helium applications, our Helium Issue has it all covered. This edition also includes the annual