System manufacturer Wärtsilä Exhaust Treatment (Wartsila) has partnered with Norwegian shipping company Solvang ASA (Solvang) to help decarbonise the shipping industry by agreeing to retrofit a carbon capture and storage (CCS) system on Solvang’s Clipper Eos ethylene carrier.

The 21,000 cubic metre (cbm) vessel, owned and operated by Solvang, will have its retrofit design conducted by Wärtsilä while it is undergoing a land-based 1MW (Megawatt) test system at its headquarters in Norway.

This project is intended to contribute to Wärtsilä’s target of a 70% reduction in carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions at the point of exhaust with its pilot unit.

Concept design for the CCS retrofitting.

Concept design for the CCS retrofitting.

Revealing that the company is only ‘two or three years away’ from bringing the technology to market, Sigurd Jenssen, Director, Wärtsilä Exhaust Treatment, added that the retrofit will ensure that the partners remain at the forefront of maritime sustainability technology advancement.

With the vessel having been chartered by experienced ethylene handler and trader Marubeni Corp., Tokyo (Marubeni) since 2019, the Japanese company has committed to cooperating with the partners during the testing process.

Following Wärtsilä’s joint CCS development efforts with the LINCCS consortium, including the latter receiving 111m Norwegian Kroner in funding, Edvin Endresen, CEO, Solvang, said, “CCS is an exciting development that we are proud to support, and strong believe that this technology could be an important key to decarbonise the world’s deep-sea fleet.

Clipper Eos is expected to be retrofitted with the pilot CCS system by 2023.