Technology group Wärtsilä is supplying equipment for the REEFUEL climate-neutral bio-liquefied natural gas (LNG) production plant in Burghaun, Germany.

The world’s second largest plant of its kind, REEFUEL will have a capacity of around 63,000 tonnes of bio-LNG per year, produced from liquefied biomethane and synthetic methane utilising renewable energy. 

With direct access to the MIDAL – one of Germany’s most powerful gas pipelines – the plant will use biomethane derived from communal and agricultural waste materials as feedstock. 

The project, being undertaken by Germany energy company REEFUELERY GmbH, a joint venture of Erdgas Südwest GmbH and avanca, will deliver the biomethane to the Alternoil filling station network as bio-LNG, which – according to Jürgen Muhle, CEO, avanca group – can be used in any LNG-fuelled truck. 

“The construction of the liquefaction plant will reduce CO2 emissions along the entire supply chain, thereby effectively using economies of scale,” he added. 

Supplying equipment for the plant comprises part of Wärtsilä’s decarbonisation strategy, part of which has seen the company committing to carbon neutrality by 2030. 

Stating that decarbonisation solutions are at the ‘front and centre’ of Wärtsilä’s strategies, Walter Reggente, Vice President, Wärtsilä Gas Solutions, added, “Our unmatched in-house expertise and vast experience in the process design, engineer, fabrication, and delivery of gas liquefaction plants, as well as mature gas treatment solutions prior to liquefaction, form a solid foundation for building a sustainable future.”