Welding and Cutting

  • Esab

    Acetylene safety – ESAB issues regulations reminder


    The new Explosives Regulations 2014 (ER 2014) and the Acetylene Safety (England and Wales and Scotland) Regulations 2014 (ASR 2014) came into force in November 2014.

  • Safety in cutting and welding

    Safety in cutting and welding


    Packaged acetylene is commonly used for welding and cutting applications. To help mitigate the risks associated with acetylene, Linde Gases is taking a stand on acetylene safety with the development of a worldwide safety programme.

  • Welding equipment and consumables

    In focus...Welding equipment and consumables


    In the welding sector, much like last month’s focus on cylinder filling equipment, the quest for automation plays a vital role for many in the industry – driving a boost in profitability, an increase in order processing speed, and benefitting from safety enhancements. Stuart Radnedge explores.

  • Fabrication and gas delivery

    Fabrication and gas delivery – Choosing the correct gas delivery system


    Whether a large shipyard or in a small steel fabricating shop, there is a common need for welding gases that are delivered and stored in cylinders. There are a variety of ways to supply a wide variety of these applications with gas molecules – the optimum objective is to install ...

  • worker-with-protective-mask-welding-metal-and-sparks

    AWS revamps website


    The American Welding Society (AWS) has revamped its website, www.aws.org , to enrich visitor experience by creating customization and delivering full content and functionality across all devices.

  • Andreas Alker with ASG

    Spectron unveils new acetylene safety technology


    Spectron GmbH has proudly announced the completion of its patented Spectron ‘Acetylene Safety Guard’ (ASG) device. “This innovative product is a natural progression for our Spectrotec range,” affirmed Spectron GmbH General Manager Johan van der Klift.

  • Cutting welding

    Two more entrants into the hydrogen cutting market


    Three years ago, Iwatani came out with its trump card the ‘Hydrocut, a cutting gas based primarily on hydrogen. The company already has two factories working on this product and now, according to The Gas Review (TGR), another two companies have entered this space.

  • New acetylene plant.

    Worthington’s acetylene plant complete


    Worthington Industries, Inc. has announced that its acetylene massing plant rebuild is complete, with product now available for customers. The company’s acetylene massing plant in Kienberg, Austria was destroyed in a fire in November 2013.

  • Safety sign

    Safety initiative launched by Linde


    Linde Gases has launched its worldwide safety programme to improve the safe storage and transportation of acetylene cylinders by customers. “Safety is the number one priority,” the company said in a statement.

  • Business deal merger handshake

    Red-D-Arc Weldrentals acquires UK’s Hember


    The deal expands Red-D-Arc Welderentals, which is an Airgas company, presence in the UK for welding, positioning, and weld automation equipment for sale, lease or rent.