German special gases provider BOC has bought a 15% stake in 2CO Energy’s Don Valley carbon capture and storage (CCS) project in Britain, the plant developer has said.

BOC will work with existing contractors to finalise the project’s Front End Engineering and Design study, while BOC’s parent company, Linde, will supply air separation units and the technology to capture carbon.

Britain sees CCS as a key technology to reduce carbon emissions from the power generation sector and is supporting the development of the technology through a £1 bn competition, which the Don valley project is participating in.

“Moving quickly to full commercial-scale carbon capture will be vital for the UK - not only in meeting our own carbon reduction targets but also for demonstrating the UK’s global leadership in developing and using these critical technologies,” said Mike Huggon, managing director of BOC.

The Don Valley project is a 650-megawatt coal-fired power plant that will capture nearly all the carbon it emits and then store it underground.

The plant is expected to start operating in 2016 and could link up with other nearby CCS projects to share pipeline infrastructure to bury the carbon.