The innveri packaging solution, which was only recently introduced to the public, is a secondary packaging system allowing households to keep food fresh and tasty for up to 20 times longer.

Through Modified Atmosphere Packaging, a technology that replaces the atmospheric air inside a package with a protective gas mix, all kinds of food are kept fresh, full of taste and safe from bacteria without additives.

In cooperation with the German company, Filltech, innveri ensures that this technology has now been made readily accessible to private households.

The innveri products; a gas distributor, a protective gas mix in two cylinders and plastic containers are a substitute for the simple, but limited products such as aluminium foil, Tupperware and small plastic bags that have been, until now, the only options available to keep food fresh foras long as possible.

Modified Atmosphere Packaging is a key technology using a mixture of natural gases in carefully controlled proportions to significantly slow down the process of decay by inhibiting the growth of microbes and bacteria and by delaying oxidation.

“With innveri, we take Modified Atmosphere Packaging from the food industry to the modern household. A bit like how the refrigerator was introduced into the family decades ago.”

says Manfred Jüni, CEO of innveri.

To keep opened packs of food and cooked meals fresh a household needs on average a refillable gas cylinder of approximately 0.5 litres every month, enough for approximately 50 packages.

Through collaboration with Filltech GmbH, innveri can now count on an easy refill for the innveri gas cylinders that are delivered directly to their distribution partners.

This allows the company to focus on their new, revolutionary packaging system to the market.