From the 13th to 15th of June, Solarwatt will present its new solar power systems at the Intersolar trade fair in Munich.

The systems complement the German premium manufacturer’s photovoltaic solutions with an energy storage device and an energy manager, so that the entire solar power system can intelligently and gradually take over on-site solar power generation for buildings based on customer needs.

Solarwatt is thereby responding to requirements for on-site solar power consumption stemming from the amended German Renewable Energy Act (EEG) and its anticipated changes to the feed-in payment for solar power.

“The new regulation will presumably establish that as of a certain plant size, a portion of the electricity generated must be used on-site in order to ease strain on power grids.”

explained Detlef Neuhaus, head of marketing at Solarwatt.

He added, “That’s why we’re focusing on sustainable photovoltaic solutions that will continue to provide solar power at competitive costs, even after the EEG remuneration has been discontinued. This will show that investing in a solar power system also pays off in the long run in light of ever- increasing energy prices, while guaranteeing customers a high degree of self-sufficiency.”

Solarwatt has appropriately adapted its portfolio in order to even better meet customer needs, both in residential as well as commercial markets.

The company, which has successfully carved out its slice of the market since 1993, resolutely sticks to its premium strategy and will continue to bank on quality “Made in Germany” for its individual system components.

The solar modules are produced exclusively at its plant in Dresden. Solarwatt will be presenting products, systems and services at the international solar exhibition Intersolar Europe 2012 – and proving that quality also brings cost benefits.